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GrayRiver Plant Sale, Sunday, February 7th, at Chiriqui Storage Flea Market 10:00am.

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GrayRiver Farms Plant Sale on Feb 7th will be at Chiriqui Storage Flea Market Sale, 1.5km passed the Dolega Y going from Dolega to Boquete, from 10:00am until 12:30pm.

We have sweet potatoes!  $2/lb.

This month we have our own totally natural insecticide (Greenacide) made from forest toxic plants.  One liter bottle can be diluted with 3 liters water to make a generous gallon to either use as a foliar spray or soil drench.  It is effective against all ants and most other insects. $10.

Get your plants off to a good start with these:
Our 10 Kilogram bag of biochar infused with our own effective micro-organism solution is $10.
Five liters of GR effective micro-organism solution is $15 each.

PLEASE PRE-ORDER if possible:  grayriverfarms@yahoo.com   

Trees                                         price
JOY PERFUME TREE (Rare)    $100
Hass Avocado Trees (grafted)    $16
Moringa Trees    $6
Ylang ylang Trees    $12
Dwarf Eureka Lemon Trees with fruit    $40
Eureka Lemon Trees (grafted) with fruit    $25
Persian Limes (grafted)    $20
Ruby Red Grapefruit    $10
Calamondin Orange Trees varigated leaves    $30
Kumquat Trees (grafted)    $20
Cinnamon trees ( 4ft. Tall)    $10
Closed Fan Palms    $30
Open Fan Palms    $25
Phoenix Palms    $25
Foxtail Palms    $40
Sealing Wax Palm    $30
African Tulip Trees  5 ft. tall    $10
Crape Myrtle Tree pink 4 ft. tall    $10
Bauhinia varigata  purple    $15

Jasminum officinale    $6
Japanese Mock Orange (fragrant)    $15
Jasmine vines    $6

Canna dwarf red, bronze-leaf red, white,pink ,             each stem $2
Canna tall orange, each stem is    $2

Ground covers   
Dichondra silver falls    $4
English Ivy    $4

Dwarf licorce (Helichrysum silver falls)    $3
 Dill large plants    $4
Rosemary large plants    $4
Sage large plants    $4

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