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Cleaning of beaches and rivers will close Oceans Month

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Cleaning of beaches and rivers will close Oceans Month


Volunteers still needed

Posted 18/09/2019

Organizers of the XXVIII National Cleaning of Panama Beaches, Rivers and Coasts on Sunday, September 29, at the end of  activities marking  the International  Month of the Oceans are seeking to exceed the 50 locations tackled in 2018

According to figures from the garbage collection authority,(AAUD)  up to 1 million plastic bottles have been collected in past operations, in addition to hundreds of tires, washing machines, refrigerators, and mattresses.

Registration is open through the NGO’s heading the initiative: Promar, National Association for Nature Conservation (Ancon), the Audubon Society of Panama and Panama Verde.

In 2018, 5,300 volunteers

"Beach cleanups are not the solution, but they help expose the problem, add volunteers for the planet and that more people are part of the change," said Rita Spadafora, executive director of Ancon, at a Tuesday press conference.

“It is terrible to see problems such as logging in Darien or fires in the Amazon, but we don't see environmental damage under water and 70% of the planet is underwater. It is sad to dive and find sick corals, without fish. We are water and still do not stop contaminating it, ”said  José Agustín de Obaldía, from Promar.



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ENVIRONMENT: 10 tons of waste lifted from Costa del Este beaches


Posted 22/09/2019

Plastic bottles, glass containers, flip flops and other objects made up  the 10 tons of garbage picked up  on  Sunday, September 22 in Costa del Este, during  the beach cleaning organized by the Urban and Home Cleaning Authority (AAUD) and the National Bar Association with the support of ProMar and Mi Environment  

The activity was part of the celebration of the Month of the Oceans.  

ON  Sunday, September 29, the annual cleaning of beaches and riverbanks will take place in some 50 locations nationwide with the participation of hundreds of volunteers from numerous NGO’s and schools.



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ENVIRONMENT: Cleanup volunteers face citizen apathy


Posted 17/10/2019

Despite new laws,  information programs and the efforts of thousands of volunteers, the results of the XXVIII annual cleaning of beaches, coasts and rivers leave the organizers fighting citizen apathy.

“The behavior of citizens is not changing in spite of the information provided. The message has not registered.

The work of volunteers with citizen responsibility is not being supported,” according to Promar, organizers of the activity.

This year, 4, 406 volunteers were mobilized in 54 cleaning points throughout the country and 44% of the sites, show “alarming” results.

65.5 tons of garbage were collected, of which 41 tons were in the capital city and 83% of the waste was non-biodegradable plastic

More than 150,000 varied items were removed from the different tributaries



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