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Physical Fitness as a Business Sector in Panama


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Fitness: Promising Business in Panama

It is estimated that in the country about 400 thousand people regularly attend fitness centers, a trend that could go up in the coming years, so some chains project investments for 2020 and 2021.

Friday, September 13, 2019

The business has boosted in recent years, because the population in the country demands healthy and holistic lifestyles, so it seeks sports centers with a portfolio of services concerning nutrition, wellness and disease prevention.

See "Fitness and Wellness: Interests and Preferences”

Managers of the Planet Fitness franchise say that out of 10 thousand active members in the country, only 25% have access to the service every day, as about 2,500 attend their headquarters daily.

Dave Leon, CEO of Planet Fitness Management Group, owner of this franchise in Panama, told Martesfinanciero.com that "... Our target market is to add new clients to the fitness world. The good news is that in Panama, more than 90% of the population has never had access to an affordable gym in a good environment. Our plan is to have at least 13 locations in Panama. We schedule 4 openings in 2020 and 3 more in 2021."

Regarding the trend of consuming this type of services and the interest it arouses in the country, Brian Lutz, creator of the application Gym Club App, reported that "... Panamanians often talk about diets, exercise, quality of sleep or postures at times when they were talking about work, such as in the office, or family, such as mother's day.



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