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Homes flooded as high tide alert reinforced, Mid-September 2019

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Homes flooded as high tide alert reinforced


Posted 15/09/2019

Numerous homes were flooded in Boca de Parita, corregimiento of Monagrillo, Chitré, following heavy rains that fall on Sunday, September  15.

Preliminary reports show that in some of most of the villagers' furnishings and furnishings were underwater.

It was announced that the water rose several feet high, due to the construction of a landfill in the area.

Those affected were aided by rescuers from the National Civil Protection System of Herrera.

The Emergency Operations Center warned that if the high tides coincided with the rains, the levels of the rivers and streams could be increased, causing the rebound of the water and flooding in areas adjacent to coastal areas.



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Homes flooded, roofs lifted in two provinces


Posted 19/09/2019

Nine homes were were damaged in the El Bebedero, district of Tonosí, and a boat was sunk at  Isla de Cañas, following heavy rains on Wednesday, September 18. The Civil Protection System (Sinaproc)  remained on duty through the night to assist flood victims who lost their bedding, stoves, fridges washing machines and TV.

In Alanje, Chiriquí,  36 people were left homeless when strong winds lifted the roofs of 6 homes.



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