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International Bike Race in Boquete

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PDear Boquete friends and neighbors,
I am Joe Hart, founder and President of Association of Community Charity of Boquete (ACCBoquete), a non-profit organization devoted to help Boquete and its citizens.
ACCBoquete has sponsored the Poker Run, Oktoberfest, and Boquete Bingo, with thousands of Balboas returned to Boquete.
Our next event is monumental and we need the help of many individuals to make it a success.  We want to raise tens of thousands of dollars, all returned to our City, and put Boquete "on the map."  We did a study and guesstimated we could make $40,000 on a small event.
I propose an international bicycle race in the mountains of Boquete.  Cycling is a world wide sport, and we all heard of The Tour de France.  That is only one race in France, but there are major races all over world, catering to cycling enthusiastsPanama City hosts some races, and other cities near us as well, but none like what we envision.  Boquete has mountains and steep hills, along with flat line areas, challenging for different types of riders, and different experience levels.
I want to brainstorm with other like-minded individuals, to do a feasibility study for this event.  If you are one of the naysayers, please keep your negative comments to yourself.  If you have the entrepreneurial, can-do-it attitude, please contact me.
Joe Hart.      email: jhartpi@hotmail.com
Ready to give back to your community? Do it through us at ACCBoquete!
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