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Panama: New Sausage Plant

Grupo Melo inaugurated an industrial plant for the production of meat and vegetable sausages in Juan Diaz, district of Panama, with a total area of 5,600 square meters.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

For the plant, which has 4,000 square meters of operating area and 1,662 square meters of storage space, the business group invested close to $17.2 million.

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Laestrella.com.pa reviews that "... The new plant incorporates state-of-the-art technology and is dedicated to the production of meat and vegetable sausages. Among the values that stand out in the new production process are the semi-continuous ovens with in-line coolers, which allow for a more efficient process and improve the quality of the product and the production."

Also see "Sausages: Purchases from Mexico Up 17%

The article adds that "... In 2016 the Food Division began the construction of infrastructure which was designed and built ensuring the highest international standards of quality and biosafety. This expands the sausage production capacity by four metric tons per hour."



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