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Proposals for 5 Year Time Span for Vehicular License Plates

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Mayor’s office seeks to extend license plates to five years


Posted 17/01/2020

The Panama Mayor's Office is seeking to extend the validity of vehicle license plates to five years.

Deputy Mayor Judy Meana said  the measure seeks to have the plates delivered, at least, every five years, and not annually as at present .“The mayor (José Luis Fábrega) is in talks with The Chapala Vocational Center so that the plates are not changed annually,. This will contribute to reducing environmental pollution”, said Meana. The vice said that negotiations also include seeking substitute income for the school that works with children at social risk that are remitted by juvenile courts.  They make the license plates and that represents the main economic income that it uses in its program of rehabilitation of the young people.

The Ministry of Social Development and the National Secretariat of Children, Adolescents and Family. and  The Mayor's Office of Panama annually distributes around 700,000 plates and this year budgeted $3.5 million for their preparation.



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The operating expenses of a juvenile correctional facility shouldn’t have to rely on income gained by the labor of inmates.

The issuance of new metal Placas every year is a huge governmental time and money waster at several levels.

* The proposal doesn’t mean that fees won’t continue to be paid annually.

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Asamblea Nacional aprueba en segundo debate proyecto que establece vigencia de placa vehicular por cinco años

Redacción de La Prensa
06 oct 2020 - 04:45 PM


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5-yeqr license plates bill moves ahead


Posted 07/10/2020

A bill to extend the validity of Panama vehicle license plates to five years was approved in Third Reading in the National Assembly on Tuesday, October 6.

The provision seeks to contribute to mitigating the ecological damage caused by 24 gauge aluminum, which is used in the manufacturing process of the plates.

Payment of vehicle circulation taxes will be paid to municipalities annually.



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