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The Potential of Medical Tourism

In Panama companies dedicated to the activity are complaining about the absence of a state policy or strategy to help promote the country as a destination for medical tourism at the international level.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Although Panama has all the necessary characteristics to make it a relevant market for medical tourism, a specific policy to promote the activity led by the Tourism Authority could encourage much more development of the activity in the country. "...'The only disadvantage Panama has as a destination for medical tourism is that this sector has not been recognized by the state as a tourist product or a real feature of its organizational infrastructure,' said Luis Santamaría, general director of Panasalud S.A., to Prensa.com."

See also: "The potential of medical tourism in Nicaragua"

"... An index developed by Fetscherin & Stephano in 2016 placed Panama in 20th place among the top 30 medical tourism destinations globally. Ahead of it in the region were Costa Rica (6), Brazil (16), Jamaica (17) and Colombia (19). Behind them were the Dominican Republic (22) and Mexico (28). "

Despite the absence of a government policy, the outlook for the sector is optimistic. "... Panasalud, a Panamanian company   which promotes the local health sector globally, projects 7.5% growth in the industry's income through a combination of importing foreign cases and retention of local cases that are not being served elsewhere."



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New  death highlights risk of surgery abroad

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THE DEATH of another Panamanian citizen undergoing plastic surgery abroad has sparked a warning of the dangers of out-of-country surgery, particularly in Venezuela.

The latest death is a 54-year-old woman who traveled to Venezuela to undergo a surgical procedure in a clinic located in Maturín, capital of the Monagas state.

Judicial authorities in Venezuela have opened an investigation, to determine the circumstances in which the woman died.

Sources told La Prensa that among the known cases of surgeries causing death term was, one person who was in a coma and two other patients who were infected wounds due to lack of antibiotics to cure them. Another person was the victim of an assault when leaving the clinic.

The informants, warned of the risks when going to a foreign country, especially in Venezuela, where there are unstable economic and social conditions.

Plastic surgeons have repeatedly warned about the risks of surgeries abroad because the success of the interventions is reliant on the postoperative care given to the recipient.

A patient who received a plastic or aesthetic surgery must have a minimum follow-up of six months.



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Medical Tourism: Costa Rica Facing the Competition

Although in the cosmetic surgery business the Costa Rican market maintains its attractiveness for foreign clients, in other countries procedures of similar quality are offered, but at lower prices.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Some of the main competitors include Mexico, India, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama and the Dominican Republic, but Costa Rica's main difficulty in competing with these markets is its high operating cost.

See "Participants in the Costa Rican pharmaceutical market

Diego Solís Barrantes, general director of Clínica Unibe, explained to Nacion.com that "... Costa Rica offers medical tourism relatively competitive prices, but especially packages of services, as well as a range of medical specialists of great quality and experience. Our country still stands out, but it's becoming less and less competitive."

Massimo Manzi, executive director of Promed, believes that "... international competition and rising general costs will cause business to stagnate, so the country must now target more premium segments and new markets like China.

Also see "Pharmaceuticals: Imports at the end of 2018

According to the Asociación de Médicos Especialistas en Cirugía Plástica, Reconstructiva y Estética (Association of Specialists in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery), the surgeries most popular in Costa Rica are liposuction, breast implants, abdominoplasty, breast lift and breast reduction.



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