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Beautiful cats needing new homes


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Please visit Pets Want Homes to see several young, affectionate cats just waiting for new homes.  Here are Alto and Gordo,

Alto is motherly, affectionate, intelligent, and sweet.  She is very intuitive to people and animals alike and was loyally at my elderly/late greyhound's side until he passed.  If she senses upset in her humans/animal family members, she will let out a quick "maw" and come to check out the situation and give love.  She enjoys inside and outside equally.  She has become much more snuggly since our greyhound died; almost as if she was relieved of "duty".  

Her twin, Gordo is a snuggle-bug whose personality is exactly like Garfield.  However, Gordo isn't a big eater, yet he is very dense boned and lazy.  He enjoys quiet corners, sofa backs, and boxes where he can snooze the day away.  If there ever was a kick-back, easy going cat, Gordo is IT!  

Ideally, these twins would remain together since Alto is so attached to Gordo.  These two are especially precious to us!!!
Contact Colleen, 6522-2503 or http://lovin_vw@yahoo.com


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