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Deputy Zulay Rodriguez (Vice President of the Assembly) Labeled A Controversial Lawmaker


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Deputy said abusing immunity with “falsehoods and ravings”


Quijano and Rodriguez

Posted 09/08/2019

Controversial lawmaker  Zulay Rodriquez  has been accused of hiding behind her parliamentary immunity   to insult and denigrate the administrator of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) , Jorge Luis Quijano” "with falsehoods and ravings”

On Thursday, August 8, Quijano responded to the accusations of the PRD deputy and said she is abusing her parliamentary "immunity" to denigrate him.

Earlier, Rodriguez - who is vice president of the Assembly - said from her seat that the son of Quijano "managed unusable tugs for more than $150 million in Harbor shipyards ... Ah! But that man, when Quijano comes here, everyone claps him ... That's the big thing about Panama .... Thief! You scoundrel! I do tell you in your face: Quijano, you shouldn't even come. "

Quijano responded, on his  Twitter account: "You are referring to issues on the Channel that have been rigorously investigated in administrative and judicial instances and that have been archived when unjustifiable, honest and ethical procedures are verified."

Quijano, who is the administrator of the ACP until September 5, said that after 44 years of service on the Canal, he feels satisfied and at peace with his conscience, despite repeated attempts by the deputy to denigrate his family, "with falsehoods and ravings in the session of the Assembly".

According to article 154 of the Constitution, deputies are not legally responsible for the opinions and votes they cast in the exercise of their office.

 Rodríguez repeatedly makes the accusations against Quijano from her seat, the legislative session. These interventions are broadcast live on the official television channel of the Assembly reports La  Prensa.



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Attorney General filles criminal complaint against attack deputy.


Attorney General Kenia Porcell

Posted 20/08/2019

Panama’s Attorney General Kenia Porcell has filed a criminal complaint against PRD deputy, and vice-president of the National Assembly Zulay Rodríguez, for an alleged crime against honor.

Rodriguez, who has a penchant for attacking high profile figures while addressing the assembly had earlier been accused by the Panama Canal administrator of sheltering behind her parliamentary immunity

Porcell went personally to the Court on Tuesday, August 20, 2019, to file the complaint. She was accompanied by  Rolando Rodríguez and David Díaz, secretary and deputy secretary-general of the Attorney General's Office. At the time, the court was packed with journalists who had attended a citizen protest against corruption.

Rodriguez is a critic of Porcell's management. The deputy said, for example, reports La Prensa that the prosecutor did not want to investigate the actions of the government of Juan Carlos Varela (2014-2019), as part of the file for the bribes that Odebrecht paid in Panama. The investigation is paralyzed and the Second Superior Court of Justice denied extending the extension to investigate, as requested by the attorney and the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor.

On Tuesday, Porcell defended the impartiality of the investigations. "Prosecutors have done their job in a consistent manner," she said.

Her complaint is accompanied by "evidence that requires a crime against honor." said Porcell.



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OPINION: A wiretap victim changes horses


Deputy Zulay Rodriguez faces a criminal complaint from the Attorney General.

Posted 21/08/2019

The vice president of the National Assembly, Zulay Rodríguez, under the infamous mantle of impunity that is usually guaranteed by a Supreme Court delivered to the highest bidder, has been given the task of uttering insults and lies against this medium in social networks.

Her effusions t are intended to undermine our credibility. But, where appropriate, what credibility and respect can she have for herself? On the one hand, the transparency that both cackling information about its employees or its sports organizations. And, on the other hand, this PRD deputy has had and maintains a wide entry in the media of the former president in whose government her telephone communications were intercepted. Her audios were widely heard when their perpetrators made them public on the internet, after which she declared that she was intercepted 24 hours a day for more than four years. But that matters little to her when making outdated defenses of which he was accused of being a wiretapper. But if we have something clear here is that their attacks are only the grossest way to defend those who have offered their microphones to attack a common enemy: the journalists of this medium, who lack that gala moral flexibility that she has. LA PRENSA. Aug,21



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Born in Panama not enough to be Panamanian - legislator


Posted 17/10/2019

The controversial PRD deputy and  vice-president of the National Assembly  Zulay Rodríguez, who has frequently been accused of xenophobia  wants to introduce reforms  to article 9 of the Panama Constitution  so that  the “only”  Panamanians    will be  those born in the national territory "of a Panamanian father or mother," she  said , during the plenary session on Wednesday, October 16. 

Rodríguez, said that with this initiative she intends to end "the relaxation" of the rules during the “melting pot” events created to clear the backlog of migrants without residence permits. 

"There is not going to come to a boy, who is the son of a person who acquired a residence through a pot process that is somewhat irregular, and will say he is Panamanian," said the legislator. 



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Homophobic, xenonphobic deputy in new storm


Posted 23/10/2019

Security personnel were called to a room at the National Assembly on  Tuesday, October 22 as a meeting of deputies of the PRD party, seeking a consensus on issues related to the debate on revisions to the constitution span out of control with deputy Zulay Rodríguez, once again in the center of a shouting match.

It came on the same day  as  an EFE News agency  article labeling her homophobic and  xenophobic appeared in El Siglo  

Pulled by certain sectors of society and repelled by others, Rodriguez has made xenophobic and homophobic rhetoric her hallmark and last week she also railed against the alleged homosexuality of two renowned Panamanian politicians.

"Thank God we are prohibiting the marriage of two men together because imagine a union between this Mr. Lombana and Federico Humbert, my God, I don't know how the country will look," she said during a parliamentary intervention.

A deputy since 2014 and first vice president of the National Assembly since July, it is not the first time that Rodríguez boasts a xenophobic speech and is in favor of tightening immigration rules.

In recent years, the deputy has presented a series of controversial projects, which usually don’t thrive like such radical measures as deporting foreigners who insult or displace Panamanians at work and force radio stations to prioritize local music.

For the Professor of International Relations at Florida State University in Panama, Carlos Guevara-Mann, Rodriguez's "racist and unconstitutional" speech is especially/

'paradoxical', given that her mother's family comes from China and she herself would not have Panamanian nationality with the laws proposed."

"It seems incredible that a country like this one where so many cultures have lived together, speeches like this are accepted, even if it is by  a small group of the population," said Annette Planells, spokeswoman for the Independent Movement (Movin),

Panama, with just 4 million inhabitants, has in recent years been one of the most chosen destinations for many migrants, mainly Venezuelans, due to its economic strength and socio-political stability, but it is not saturated like other nations from the region, such as Colombia or Peru.

Between 2010 and 2018, the Panamanian authorities approved 150,000 residence permits for foreigners, according to official data.

Rodriguez , who was presented last year to the primaries to compete for the presidential nomination of the progressive Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), has endorsed the slogan "Panama for Panamanians" and has a special feeling for the Venezuelan community, which she  accuses of not paying taxes and unfair competition for collecting less salary than a Panamanian for the same job.

In July she accused Venezuelan children of "hitting" and "harassing" hr son at school, an incident that the school itself had to deny.

"My son is an innocent being and is an angel. (Venezuelans) come to our country to run over us, humiliate us, denigrate us and spit on us. But  they didn't have the courage to fight in their country,

Experts consulted by Efe say that Rodríguez complies perfectly with "the manual of the populist politician" and that she uses "half-truths" to elaborate her own stories.

"As populist leaders do in other parts of the world, it appeals to the most primitive feelings of the human being to build political capital in the grossest way,"  Professor  Guevara-Mann, told Efe.

"She has managed to identify certain fears in the population and there are people who feel that it is the only policy that can defend them," said Movin’  spokeswoman, who wonders why her party does not disavow her more frequently


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Citizens challenge attack dog deputy sheltering behind immunity wall


Posted 14/01/2020

A group of citizens  has called on  the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) and the president of the National Assembly, Marcos Castillero, to apply the Code of Ethics to PRD Zulay Rodríguez who has gained norereity  from her often virulent personal attacks on individuals while sheltering under the umbrella of the National Assembly.

A statement, they from the group recalled that principle number 5 of said code established by the PRD refers to: "Tolerance and respect for different opinions." While in article 18 of the  document in force for the Legislature  it: “Respect: during the exercise of the public function, the public servant must fulfill his functions, respecting the physical, moral integrity and the dignity of his companions of work, users and the general public ”.

The statement is signed by: Annette Planells; Mizrachi de Flores ; Horacio Icaza ; Jorge Luis Quijano ; María Gabriela Gnazzo ; Mariela Ledezma ; Mauricio Valenzuela ; I. Roberto Eisenmann , and  Rolando Rodríguez B.

All of them said  that they will not respond individually “to more of the insults” of the PRD deputy.

On the contrary, the signatories demanded that the deputy make their complaints against officials, journalists and citizens “outside the plenary and without the immunity granted by the law, to face the legal consequences that we and other citizens have to face when we make a public affirmation. "

They expressed their rejection of the use that Rodríguez during  the incident [discussion]period, in the Assembly  paid with money from all Panamanians, “to discredit those who, in exercising our right to free expression, demand the obligatory surrender of accounts owed to the country as an official of a State body. That includes our relatives. ”

They also  invited the other deputies to join to stop the “misuse” of the incident period.

Finally, they called on citizens to “not be intimidated” or give up their constitutional right to demand the mandatory accountability of politicians.



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12 hours ago, Keith Woolford said:

I don't think the Speaker in Canada's Parliament or the U.S. Congress would allow this radical's defamatory rhetoric.




You wrote:


"I don't think the Speaker in Canada's Parliament or the U.S. Congress would allow this radical's defamatory rhetoric."


You apparently didn't have the opportunity to watch the recent impeachment hearings in the U.S. Congress, you would've thought they were prosecuting Attila the Hun!




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Deputy attacks hand out request for airlines


Posted 08/04/2020

Ruling party (PRD) deputy Zulay Rodríguez lashed out on Twitter after the International Air Transport Association asked for support from the Government to face the impact of COVID-19.

"Now what are the airlines trying to do, that we sacrifice public funds for a rescue plan. You have benefited from the HUB in Tocumen and with the money from the state, an exclusive terminal for COPA has been built for you. Leave the scoundrel and ask PANAMOTTA", she wrote

Rodríguez told La Critica that in the last 15 years, COPA has had a prosperous business for and through three governments, the State-supported them by investing millions that have not been invested with the people "and now they are asking for a fiscal sacrifice in this moment?.

She said it is incredible that the airline of  Stanley Motta one of the richest men in Latin America, is asking for this.

"In less than 15 days after Tocumen SA has closed the gentlemen want compensation when the world is ending, and the  Panamanian people for the people who are unemployed, do not have a direct response," said the deputy.



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Diputada Rodríguez pone freno a designaciones del Presidente Laurentino Cortizo

Durante las intervenciones, diputados de diversas bancadas elogiaron la designación de Waleska Hormechea, como Fiscal de Cuentas

Por Gustavo A. Aparicio O.


Rodríguez pidió la verificación del quórum, sin embargo solo habían 27 diputados presentes en el pleno.Cedida

La diputada del oficialista Partido Revolucionario Democrático (PRD), Zulay Rodríguez puso freno la noche de este lunes a la sesión del pleno legislativo, en la cual se pretendía ratificar designaciones del Presidente de la República, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, como la de Waleska Rubiela Hormechea Beluche, como Fiscal de Cuentas, y miembros de juntas directivas de diversas entidades estatales.

Aunque durante su intervención Rodríguez no tuvo cuestionamientos a la designación de Hormechea, sí dirigió sus críticas contra Iván De Ycaza Delgado; quien fue designado por Cortizo para estar en dos juntas directivas: la de Empresa Nacional de Autopistas, y en el Instituto Nacional de Acueductos y Alcantarillados Nacionales.

¿Por qué tantas personas han sido designadas en dos o tres juntas directivas a la vez?, preguntó Rodríguez en tono molesto.

“Quiero saber porqué las personas de los grupos y poderes económicos están en estas juntas directivas, porqué no ponemos en estos puestos a personas responsables de la Universidad Tecnológica o de la Universidad de Panamá”, dijo.

“Estas son las personas que nosotros estamos poniendo, entre comillas, en el gobierno del PRD. Si esto es cierto, le quiero preguntar al señor de Ycaza”, precisó Rodríguez cuestionando su supuesta relación con el gobierno del ex presidente Varela y la presunta adquisición de algunos contratos durante el gobierno pasado.

De inmediato Rodríguez pidió la verificación del quórum en el pleno.

“Aquí no están los 36 diputados para votar y no voy a pasar a personas de los poderes y de los grupos económicos...ya me cansé”, exclamó.

“Quiero saber cuántos contratos se ganó con Varela, me cansé de esto, me cansé de que se burlen de nosotros, yo no soy títere de nadie”,dijo.

Al verificar el quórum, Quibian Panay, secretario general de la Asamblea, informó que solo habían 27 diputados presentes, lo que permitía el quórum deliberativo, pero no la votación.

Tras un receso decretado por el presidente de la Asamblea, Marcos Castillero, la sesión no se reanudó. Se espera que el pleno retome estas ratificaciones en la sesión convocada para la 1:00 de la tarde de este martes.

En la sesión de este lunes también estaba prevista la ratificación de Fernando Sucre y Ramón Arosemena para la junta directiva de la Superintendencia de Seguros y Reaseguros.

Además se estaba considerando la ratificación de los nombramientos de Víctor Delgado y Giancarlo Vásquez, como superintendente y subintendente de la Superintendencia de Sujetos No Financieros.

También Ernesto Vargas como directivo de la Autoridad de los Recursos Acuáticos de Panamá y Manuel de Jesús Tajú Castillo, como parte de la junta directiva de Agencia Panamá Pacífico en representación del sector laboral, estaban en el proceso para ser ratificados.


Moderator comment: Below is an unedited automated translation of the above news article.


Deputy Rodríguez puts a stop to the appointments of President Laurentino Cortizo

During the speeches, deputies from various banks praised the appointment of Waleska Hormechea, as Public Prosecutor

By Gustavo A. Aparicio O.
Updated 04/13/2020 20:31


Rodríguez asked for verification of the quorum, however there were only 27 deputies present at the plenary session.

The deputy of the official Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Zulay Rodríguez stopped the session of the legislative plenary session on Monday night, in which it was intended to ratify appointments of the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, such as that of Waleska Rubiela Hormechea Beluche, as Public Prosecutor, and members of boards of directors of various state entities.

Although Rodríguez did not question the appointment of Hormechea during his intervention, he did direct his criticism against Iván De Ycaza Delgado; who was appointed by Cortizo to serve on two boards of directors: the National Highway Company, and the National Institute of National Aqueducts and Sewers.

Why have so many people been appointed to two or three boards of directors at the same time? Asked Rodríguez in an annoyed tone.

"I want to know why the people of the groups and economic powers are on these boards of directors, why we do not put responsible people from the Technological University or the University of Panama in these positions," he said.

"These are the people that we are putting, in quotes, in the PRD government. If this is true, I want to ask Mr. de Ycaza, ”said Rodríguez questioning his alleged relationship with the government of former President Varela and the alleged acquisition of some contracts during the past government.

Rodríguez immediately asked for verification of the quorum in plenary.

"The 36 deputies are not here to vote and I am not going to pass on to people from the branches of government and economic groups ... I am tired," he exclaimed.

"I want to know how many contracts he won with Varela, I got tired of this, I got tired of being teased, I am not anyone's puppet," he said.

When verifying the quorum, Quibian Panay, secretary general of the Assembly, reported that there were only 27 deputies present, allowing for a deliberative quorum, but not for voting.

After a recess decreed by the President of the Assembly, Marcos Castillero, the session did not resume. The plenary is expected to resume these ratifications in the session called for 1:00 pm on Tuesday.

In the session on Monday, the ratification of Fernando Sucre and Ramón Arosemena for the board of directors of the Superintendence of Insurance and Reinsurance was also scheduled.

In addition, the ratification of the appointments of Víctor Delgado and Giancarlo Vásquez, as superintendent and deputy superintendent of the Superintendence of Non-Financial Subjects, was being considered.

Also Ernesto Vargas as a director of the Panama Aquatic Resources Authority and Manuel de Jesús Tajú Castillo, as part of the board of directors of the Panama Pacific Agency representing the labor sector, were in the process of being ratified.



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OPINION: Lawmaker hypocrisy and hate speech


Zulay Rodriguez accused of homophobia and xenophobia doring Assembly rant

Posted 21/10/2020

What stark hypocrisy reigns in the National Assembly. While a group of deputies –among them, Kayra Harding and Zulay Rodríguez– promote a bill to prevent, punish and eradicate political violence against women, decent citizens continue to be victims of virulent attacks on their honor by one of their members. proponents. Our Constitution seeks equality for all, but the deputies have transformed it - thanks to its convenient interpretation - in the middle of becoming an untouchable caste, creating privileges over the victims of its offenses. Hate speech - disqualification, xenophobia, homophobia, calumnies, and insults - has found an echo in the Assembly, in which the most shameful examples of intolerance and radicalization are housed. Do you think it is possible to reconcile the destruction of an adversary's reputation with impunity for the purposes of a bill that seeks to eradicate political violence against women? Hate speech only generates more hatred. Is it what you are looking for? And in that abominable speech they are all involved, because in a place made to discuss ideas, silence grants the slanderer the reason LA PRENSA, Oct.21



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Panama lawmaker declared persona non grata


Zulay Rodriguez

Posted 06/02/2021

The Organization of Political Persecuted Venezuelans in Exile (Veppex) declared Panamanian deputy Zulay Rodríguez "persona non grata" for her "constant actions against the Venezuelan community" based in Panama.

The president of Veppex, José Antonio Colina, pointed out that the statements and actions of Rodríguez, vice president of the National Assembly  generate “xenophobia” and “instigate hatred” against Venezuelans residing in Panama.

According to Colina, the parliamentarian constantly presents bills on immigration matters in which she refers in a "derogatory manner" to Venezuelan migration in Panama, which she "tries to hold responsible for the failures of the system."

The statement from Veppex, based in Miami (Florida, USA), reminds Rodríguez that the Venezuelans who have arrived in Panama have done so “only in search of asylum and refuge” and accuses her of using xenophobic rhetoric.

"If there are Venezuelans who violate the law, they should be punished, but it should not be generalized, or take actions that endanger the Venezuelan community in their country," he stresses.



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