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Retail: New Market Challenges (Including Impact of Online Sales on Bricks and Mortar Stores)

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Retail: New Market Challenges

Meeting the demands of consumers who increasingly seek responsibility in the production chain and balancing sales between physical and digital formats are part of the challenges faced by businesses in Panama.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The CEO and president of Grupo Rey, Hernán Muntaner, points out that globally the sales of modern channels such as hypermarkets and supermarkets are decreasing, giving way to other forms such as online channels and discount stores.

Regarding market trends, the president of Grupo Rey explained to Prensa.com that retail sales "... are looking at more efficient processes where physical formats and new digital proposals merge to make the best use of the final consumer."

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Muntaner added that "... the millennial generation is changing and transforming all industries including the retail sector, which now seeks to give more attention to this segment of the population and at the same time offer it a traceability so that it knows clearly where the products come from, who manufactures them and under what conditions, because society demands greater responsibility in the chain of production and sale of mass consumer products."

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It is estimated that in the country more than 60% of the products sold in supermarkets have a high imported component, which causes the rise in prices of goods. This situation opens an opportunity at the local level, because it can further encourage national production, make it more efficient and lower costs for the final consumer, according to Muntaner.



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