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We have been there recently (last November). Nice place. People are friendly, well dressed, customer service exists, prices reasonable, etc., etc. Lots of nice things to say about Medellin. Landscape is more hilly than San Francisco, so be sure to take (and use) comfortable walking shoes. A sweater or two, or perhaps a jacket might be appropriate. Medellin is approximately the same elevation as Boquete. It is a city of about 5 million, which is ~50% bigger than all of Panama. Also, we felt safe there, but were aware that the hotel staff was always keeping track of our movements, including taxi plate numbers and when and where we were going out of the hotel, and then acknowledging our return to the hotel.

The poblado area is where our hotel was located. We used Hotel Park 10, which was very nice, and outstanding Internet access. Reasonable rates, great food in their restaurant, etc. Recommend that you at least once ride thei subway/tram system. And there is a national park that is accessed via a gondola ride of about 15 minutes. Fascinating stuff to see and experience.

We had no problems at all. The taxi from the airport to our hotel was about a 45 minute ride, reasonable cost, but they only take Colombian money. We had none on our inbound leg, and so we convinced our driver to take US dollars. Credit cards will be accepted at most of the nicer hotels and eateries, etc.

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