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Jaramillo Arriba Water System

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There's a rumor in the neighborhood that the entire Jaramillo Arriba water system got accidentally poisoned yesterday (Friday, July 12) morning about 8. The rumor says we cannot drink the water for 48 hours and we have to flush out all of our water tanks and pipes. Anybody know anything?

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from Facebook

Richard Cianca
Richard Cianca COMUNICADO


Se le informa los Usuarios del sector de la Torre ( Jaramillo Arriba) hasta el sector de la Familia Camarera (via Palo Alto), No consumir agua durante 24 horas, y abrir sus grifos para que se limpie el sistema.
Dicha medida obedece a que se ubicó una posible contaminación por agentes externos y se ha procedido a realizar las pruebas de laboratorio, ante dicha situación el MINSA ha recomendado suspender el suministro de agua por 24 horas, No consumir el agua almacenada en la tuberia y abrir los grifos para la limpieza.
Por su parte la Junta de agua ha procedido a limpieza y aseguramiento de la calidad del agua, es decir en 24 horas se podrá consumir el vital liquido con toda tranquilidad.
Agradecemos no alarmarse ni difundir información falsa. Todo se ha controlado a tiempo y se tomaron las medidas de sanidad y calidad.

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Moderator comment: Below is a machine translation of the Facebook posting provided above.


Users of the Torre sector (Jaramillo Arriba) are informed to the Waitress Family sector (via Palo Alto), do not consume water for 24 hours, and open their taps to clean the system.
This measure is due to the fact that possible contamination was located by external agents and laboratory tests were carried out. In view of this situation, MINSA has recommended suspending the water supply for 24 hours, not consuming the water stored in the pipeline and opening the taps for cleaning.
For its part, the Water Board has proceeded to cleaning and ensuring the quality of the water, that is, in 24 hours the vital liquid can be consumed with complete peace of mind.
We appreciate not being alarmed or spreading false information. Everything has been checked on time and the health and quality measures were taken


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3 hours ago, Keith Woolford said:

If I'm not mistaken the source of the problem is contamination by the runoff of waste water from greenhouses in the area.

Nothing specific...like was it weed killer ?   Another question is how clean are the ruptured lines everywhere that are exposed to everyday runoff of Roundup ( weed killer)  , Arebo ( insecticides)  etc.   There are lines that are so open it's like a river running.  Are folks that can not afford water filtration a/o bottled water then vulnerable ? 

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I want to say that the Jaramillo Arriba water system is one of the smallest in the greater Boquete area. It's also one of the best and least expensive water systems. My neighbors say that it was contamination from the coffee farmers and the water system board had to declare an emergency in order to get a judicial order of no trespassing against the farmers. To my knowledge, nobody has gotten sick. The contamination apparently happened about 8 AM Friday morning and many, many people drank the water before they heard about the problem.

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