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Wood As A Market Sector, Importation and Exportation, Legalities

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Illegal wood shipment seized in Chiriqui

Posted 29/01/2019
Units of the of the National Border Service (Senafront) in Chiriqui detained a truck   carrying28 blocks of rare the Cedro Amargo and heading for border point of Paso Canoas.

The documents produced by the driver in the did not include permits for the transport of wood. and were forwarded to the Ministry of Environment (MiAmbiente).

In a statement, Senafront warns that it maintains vigilance to prevent the illegal extraction and sale of timber that is not authorized by MiAmbiente



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Panama: Security Seal for Exporting Wood

The government approved the implementation of a security seal to be used for transport in closed containers of wood for export from commercial plantations.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Resolution No. DM-0193-2019, published in the Gaceta Oficial at the beginning of June, establishes that the Asociación Nacional de Reforestadores y Afines de Panamá (Anarap) is authorized to supply security seals at the national level.

Bianca Moran, president of Anarap, explained to Prensa.com that "... this new regulation is to improve efficiency and minimize transportation times of teak in containers from forest plantations. Improved efficiency in the transportation of wood would also reduce transport costs, which are currently very high. Moving the wood by land from the production areas to the port is more expensive than shipping.

You may be interested in "Wood: Regional Sales up to September 2018

Moran added that "... A container that leaves the province of Chiriqui with wood from commercial plantations to the port of Manzanillo International Terminal has a cost of $1,100, while shipping to India of that container costs $800."

Reports from CentralAmericaData state that from January to September 2018 the main regional exporter of wood and its manufactures was Costa Rica, with $58 million, followed by Panama, with $49 million, Honduras, with $45 million, Guatemala, with $42 million, Nicaragua, with $6 million and El Salvador, with $5 million.



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Wood: $139 Million in Regional Sales

In the first six months of 2019, $139 million in wood and wood products were exported from Central America, and 54% of them were sold by companies in Costa Rica and Panama.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Figures from the Trade Intelligence Unit at CentralAmericaData:


Regional Business Upwards
Between January and June 2018 and the same period in 2019, the export value of wood and its manufactures from Central America reported an 11% drop, from $156 million to $139 million.

Costa Rica and Costa Rica, Main Sellers
From January to June 2019 the main exporter was Panama with $39 million, followed by Costa Rica with $38 million, Guatemala with $32 million, Honduras with $23 million, Nicaragua with $5 million and El Salvador with $3 million.

Destination of Exports
In the first six months of 2019, 41% of the value exported from the region was destined for India, 16% for the USA, 7% for China and 2% for Vietnam.

India is the destination country for Central American exports that has grown the most for the period in question over the last eight years. In 2012 it represented 18% of the total value exported, and in 2018 it reached 41%.

This analysis was carried out considering raw wood, sawn wood, veneer, plywood, stratified wood, boards, firewood, barrels, crates, platforms for cargo, sleepers and other similar articles. Charcoal is not included in the report.



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