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Meditation on the Five Elements is an introduction to the process of becoming familiar with the five elements. The idea is to learn to measure and use these organic qualities which are an integral part of our physical, mental and energetic nature.

By knowing this qualitative scale, we can use it to design, heal, regulate and interact in our social and physical environments. The most practical way to do this is through a meditation on the energetic centers in our body or chakras as they are popularly known.

By recognizing the basic qualities of the five elements present in nature, we can project them into our own energy centers. By feeling these qualities in our energy centers, we can begin to give more vital information to our central nervous system.

This starts a process of rebalancing and balancing the vital and physical energy in our body. We can facilitate the process of  meditation with a cocoa drink of ceremonial degree, which helps us to focus our mental energy on the chakras.

If you're interested in the next Cacao Ceremonial introducing the 5 Elements Meditation, please contact me at gbvdco@gmail.com or 6678-3297.


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