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Panama and Its Heritage vis-à-vis UNESCO

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Panama historic forts remain on Unesco  endangered  list


Posted 05/06/2019

The fortresses of Portobelo and San Lorenzo but by the Spanish colonists should remain on the endangered heritage list of the UN  Organization for Education, Science and Culture (Unesco ) until 2023 because  Panama did not follow through on improvement commitments.

Both fortresses, located in the province of Colon, were included on the list in 2012, due to their deteriorating state.

The recommendation is reflected in a report issued on May 20 by the  Committee, together with its advisory bodies, which will be discussed at the Unesco session in Baku, Azerbaijan, between 30 June and July 10.

The document "regrets" that the established calendar -2016-2019-, which was proposed by Panama for the full implementation of the program of corrective measures within the historic site, was not implemented correctly.

The Heritage Committee also recalled that the "tourist pressure" without planning was one of the factors that led to the registration of this colonial site on the list, which is why the country is urged to consider the improvement of infrastructure and tourist facilities in conjunction with conservation needs.

Wilhelm Franqueza, director of the Board of Portobelo and San Lorenzo, said that the improvement of the site, a plan will be executed with funds from the Inter-American Development Bank, for which the National Institute of Culture (Inac) will be responsible. She said Hthat the intervention plans of the site are already in place and are about to upload the specifications for the process of choosing the company that will restore the monumental complex.



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Panama colonial routes miss World Heritage lisring


San Lorenzo

Posted 07/07/2019

Unesco’s  World Heritage Committee, made up of 21 countries,  has rejected, the inclusion of the Colonial Transisthmian Route of Panama in the recognized World Heritage List.

Panama wanted  to expand its sites  listed  in the World Heritage of Humanity -which currently includes the old town of Panama Viejo and the fortifications of Portobelo-San Lorenzo-  by adding the Camino de Cruces and Camino del Real, two historic routes that connected the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean during the colonial era, before the construction of the transisthmian railway and the Canal.

The Heritage Committee  decided, by consensus, that the Panamanian proposal did not have enough characteristics to be inscribed in the World Heritage List



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OPINION: Unesco stamp needs ongoing commitment


Posted 08/07/2019

THIS  weekend, a committee of specialists from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization inscribed 22 cultural sites on its World Heritage List and, for the time being, dismissed the Colonial Transisthmian Route of Panama in this register of places considered "exceptional universal value". Panama, one of the 190 countries that have ratified the World Heritage Convention, has five cultural and natural sites on that list of more than a thousand that exist throughout the world. But being there is not just a matter of image or tourist attraction, it requires a series of commitments for the conservation of nature and the preservation of cultural sites. That means, not just a solid institutional framework respected by government after government, but also of public policies that guarantee the endowment of the necessary resources to protect and conserve them. In the same way, permanent campaigns are necessary so that citizens are aware that it is a shared responsibility. After all, we are all Panama. – LA PRENSA, July 8.



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