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Top cops face physical fitness evaluations in force shakeup

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Top cops face physical fitness evaluations in  force shakeup


JORGE Miranda cracking down on overweight cops

Posted 07/07/2019

 ALL 210 commissioners and sub-commissioners of the National Police, will be submitted to a series of 'Physical Assessment Tests', according to the General Order of the Day, which carries the signature of the new director Jorge Miranda Molina.

The physical aptitude tests announced in this Agenda will be carried out in two sessions: The tests for the 83 selected commissioners, it will be on Tuesday, July 9 and for the selected sub-commissioners on Wednesday, July 10.

The physical condition of the National Police officers with oversize bellies has been questioned on social networks, since overweight and obesity, even at morbid levels, is frequent among commissioners and sub-commissioners, who spend most of their time of time in police facilities.

Recently, President Laurentino Cortizo and Security Minister Rolando Mirones agreed that they did not want commissioners in offices and that they should go out to work.

Mirones, said that the physical conditioning of the National Police units will be a priority of his management.

Exercise equipment and facilities will be set up in police stations to enable overweight officers to get rid of some of the flab.

The document signed by Miranda also brings other surprises such as the transfer of the former Security Minister, Alexis Bethancourt from the  Border Service (Senan) to the National Police.

In addition, Commissioner Manuel Castillo was appointed head of the Judicial Investigation Directorate (DIJ), a position he held from 2012 to 2014.

The commissioner Francisco Asprilla was transferred to the National Anti-Drug Directorate of the National Police (DNA).

The former deputy director of the National Police and former deputy head of the Security Council, Jacinto Gómez was sent on vacation from Saturday, July 6.



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Zumba dancing cops get Police chief thumbs up


Posted 04/08/2019

A  video released on social networks comparing members of the National Police  Zumba dancing to other personnel working out with weights and chin-ups sparked a debate on the effectiveness of the aerobic exercise.

But on Sunday, August 4 Police Chief   Jorge Miranda  who has promised a fitness campaign for all ranks, came down on the side of the dancers "Zumba is an exercise that has helped many people improve their health" and said he has no problem with police officers doing any activity that can get them in shape.

Miranda said has seen the video and reminds citizens that the better physical conditions the police have, the better they will be able to do their job in each of the communities.

Video (Police Training in other countries vs Panama Police training )

Click Here to see a video of the exercise program in action.



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