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Pilates and Exploratory Movement Creating the Pilates Body in Motion. At the Haven- of Course!

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It's not only about what you do to become strong and fit... but how aware You are of how you're moving. 
Moving without being fully present in one's body, ultimately creates tension and pain reinforcing misalignment from past injuries, surgeries & traumas.
Being physically unaware, steadily becomes more extreme creating problems as we age. 
Each student's goal in Pilates and Exploratory Movement is to acquire the skill of moving with total attention in everything she or he does, in and out of the exercise studio.
Fitness and Well-Being- Is not only about exercise performance, but about being strong, aligned, aware, fluid and at ease.
Pilates & Exploratory Movement- A perfect balance of Fitness, Skill and Total Body Presence.
It's Great Fun! And the more you do it, the easier moving fluidly & the stronger & more body aware you become.
The Pilates Body in Motion- Integrating Pilates, Yoga, Balancing and Walking Sequences and Exploratory Movement Exercises
Executing a total side-stretch using the magic circle- an invention of Joseph Pilates. 
Pilates is a Total and wonderfully satisfying experience. Each student is rewarded through experiencing the overall strength, presence and fluidity of one's progress.
Ongoing Group Classes- 3 Weekday mornings- on Mondays and Thursdays, at 8:30- 9:45 a.m.& on Wednesdays, 10- 11:15.
Classes held in the beautiful Yoga/Pilates Studio at the Haven. Private Classes- for those not into group exercise- are also available.
Individual classes are $9 each for residents & $10 for tourists & guests. Two packages are available for everyone- a 4 classes for $30 & an unlimited class package for $72; both to be taken within a month.

All props- including mats, magic circles, stretchy bands, light hand weights & different size balls- are provided. However, do bring a Yoga mat if you have one to be guaranteed two for comfort, as we go down to the floor.

Begin anytime!


Interested, but have questions? Email Suzanne Clare, Certified Pilates Instructor, at suzeclare@gmail.com


*In the US, Suzanne Clare was a Certified Yoga Instructor and  Integrative Yoga Therapist for 20 years, a Personal Trainer in a hospital gym & a Licensed Massage Therapist for 30 years. She has, since relocating to Boquete, been solely teaching Pilates for 7 years.


The enthusiasm and concentration of the class group energy is infectious and Inspiring! Regular class attendance enables students to continually learn & to feel one's self progressing.

Work toward not only being fit, but more Conscious & Aware as you age. Maintain or develop good posture, be relaxed in your body & move with ease and fluidity.

Looking Forward to seeing You soon!

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