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69 Lawmakers to Change Assembly Image, Effective 1 July 2019

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69 Lawmakers to change Assembly image


La Prensa cartoonist Lo'w's take on the bids for the Assembly presidenvy.

Posted 30/06/2019

A total of 69 deputies dressed in white will take their seats in a refurbished  National Assembly on Monday, July 1. Only 16 deputies were re-elected and there is a new group of five independents.

The previous legislature  was  discredited by scandals of mismanagement of public funds and nepotism.

The  Revolucionario Democrático (PRD) and  Molirena alliance will control the parliament with a bench of 40 deputies. The largest opposition bloc will be Democratic Change, with 18 seats.

The PRD, with 35 deputies in its caucus, will have a simple majority.



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OPINION: Servility the path to exit door


Posted 25/07/2019

The National Assembly is our parliament. There 71 officials elected by the people discuss and analyze issues of national interest. And everyone equally, without discrimination, has the right to do so. The Credentials Committee of the Assembly is one of those legislative instances in which it must be deeply analyzed and discussed since it is the first filter of the designations made by the Executive.

 Recall that there were several appointments made by former President Varela where his candidates after hard interrogations were rejected.

 So why now fear that independent deputies will do the same and comply with examining the credentials of those nominated by President Cortizo? In fact, the independents do the ruler a favor when they question, interrogate and warn because if these candidates have past actions that can negatively influence their future efforts, their appointment would be an error that would directly affect the President.

- But the servile spirit is  more than a genuine vocation of service to the State. Correct your actions, gentlemen, remember that there are more than 50 ex-honorables who bet - and lost - to the bad memory of the electors.- LA PRENSA, July 25



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