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Free adult or child's beverage with your dinner of Chicken a la Reina :

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Free adult or child's beverage with your dinner of Chicken a la  Reina :

Come to to JF restaurant and enjoy our chicken a la Reina  Served every evening and recieve a free adult or childs beverage
 of your choice with your meal.

We are open from 7:am till 11:pm 7 days a week. Breakfast is served when ever you order all day and night.
For our Southern friends we serve grits with breakfast.

Any non profit group or orginization non profit group or orginaz        profit        club b or gro groupppppppl,k,.l,pp lookinging for a place to haveor a place to e to have            have     thairhair    meetingstingd  need to call  .
Mr.Mrtrtr,,mmmmmMMMrrrrrrerr...........  FFFF                                  GFFFV v             FFFFFFVFVFVFFGFCVFCVFCVFCVFMNJK<>L    `Breakfast
.breakfast .

Notice for any not for profit group or   club if you are looking for a place to hold your meetingsPlease hold your meetings .
Call Mr. F.        Puigg  6720 7428   7427777878888   88  for free arrangements.or further informationr information
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