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Catholic priest imputed in murder probe


Father David Cosca

  Posted 20/06/2019

Father David Cosca a Catholic priest who has been the center of speculation since Eduardo Calderón was murdered in the El Panama Hotel in July 2018, appeared in court accompanied by his defense lawyer Javier Quintero. on Thursday, June 20

After the body was found the corridor area and the room in which the victim had been staying were thoroughly cleaned by hotel staff before the police arrived. The victim’s room  had been reserved by Cosca according to previous reports Prosecutor Emeldo Márquez stressed that the Public Ministry has the elements of conviction to achieve the imputation of the priest  for concealment in the  murder

Márquez told media that the prosecution will bring a series of elements of knowledge for the court to decide on the request for imputation of charges to be presented.

it was indicated that to date the cell that Father Cosca used to communicate with the only detainee in this case, Hidadi Santos Saavedra, has not been found in which conversations would be revealed with the only detainee in the case. 

Supposedly in the conversations, it was revealed as from July 4, 2018, both agreed to meet at the Hotel Panama.

Defense lawyer  Quintero said that since the incident occurred at the El Panama hotel the priest was in absolute readiness to serve in the investigations.

Quintero was surprised that, just days before the end of the government of President Juan Carlos Varela,  came the citation of Cosca. 

Asked why he politically related the is case, Quintero said he does not link it.

Church stance
the Archdiocese of Panama on Thursday reaffirmed its commitment to seek the truth and to respect judicial processes.

It also clarified that "it will not give statements to information that does not always conform to reality, not because of complicity or concealment, as some people have suggested, but out of respect for due process."

The Catholic Church recalled that it has maintained secrecy in regard to this legal process and "considers that this must be reciprocal towards the people who have been mentioned in the case."

"We reiterate that Father David Cosca has collaborated in all the steps that have been requested, without any kind of resistance," said a statement from the Archdiocese of Panama released on Thursday afternoon.

" Tthe measure of separating him from his responsibilities "has been for prudence and for the welfare of the community and of the priest himself". That does not mean in any way "the loss of his consecration and priestly dignity."


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Priest used  hotel room for trysts with young men


David Cosca Restrepo

Posted 01/07/2019

A suspended Catholic priest used room  47 (known to users as  ‘the office’) at the El Panama Hotel  for trysts said a witness at the imputation hearing of Father David Cosca Restrepo

The priest faces charges of concealment in the investigation of the death of Eduardo Calderón Ramos on July 7, 2018, in room 47.

The packed courtroom included parishioners who have started a prayer chain for Cosca who sat next to his lawyer Javier Quintero

the Superior Homicide Prosecutor, Emeldo Márquez Pittí, in charge of the investigation into the death detailed the elements of the investigation. that followed the death of Calderón Ramos.

It was clear that Cosca reserved room 47 at the hotel, where he was well known, with his personal visa card. Minutes before 7:30 on the night of Friday, July 6, there was communication between Cosca and Hidadi Santos Saavedra, and   “at this time the contact was good”.

At 7:30 Hidadi removed two keys from the hotel reception and went to room 47.  At 7:33 Cosca arrived at the same room and was there until 8:30.

Prosecutor Marquez said that time they both left the room, but as seen in the hotel video each one proceeded as if they did not know each other. The blood samples collated and belonging to the victim, are acts tending to avoid the investigation hiding evidence.

According to the autopsy performed on the deceased, he died of hemorrhage and cranial trauma. His body was found in a corridor which, like room 47, had been cleaned by

At first Cosca told the detectives that he showed up at the hotel to meet with Hidadi, to do a spinal therapy in the pool, but the hotel video does not record that he was in the pool. He also had to take  Hidadi’s confession in room 47.

However, a witness told investigators that what was done there was an orgy, the priest Cosca used to hold these periodic meetings with young people in hotels in the city.

Another testimony revealed that the alleged exorcist was going with Hidadi to Chepo and, while he was driving, Cosca was touching his former altar boy and drinking liquor and smoking cigarettes. Another 32 tests came to light at the hearing and it was revealed that Cosca had lost his cell phone.

Not the Church
El Siglo spoke with the seminarian Danilo Landero of the San José Major Seminary, who assured that all priests  do not act in this way.

"This is not the Catholic Church, Father Cosca must face justice and we must wait for the investigation to end, in any case his behavior towards society is very bad," he said.

Cosca has denied  having 7 bank accounts, “I have a foundation whose interests are for the church, for $156,000, another one for Youth Explosion and another one for an inheritance from my mother's marketing, outreach campaigns.

The accounts of the priest have not been subject to any control. The church is silent says El Siglo.



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Judge slaps fines on prison boss and lawyer in murder trial


Hidadis Santos enters court

Posted 16/08/2019

Judge of guarantees, Viterbo Quintero, in a high profile murder trial fined the director of La Joya prison, Luis Mendoza, for the late transfer of the accused Hidadis Santos, to the Accusatory Criminal System, where he is on trial.

Santos is accused of killing   Eduardo Calderón,  I whose room in the El Panama hotel, allegedly the site of a threesome, was paid by the priest David Cosca.

The judge applied the fine of $ 250 to Mendoza because Hidadis has reached the courtroom more than an hour late, during the 8 days of the trial.

During the hearing on a Friday morning August 16, the judge also fined the lawyer Holland Polo, defender of Santos, $500 for not presenting the certification of some evidence. The lawyer filed a reconsideration, and the judge decreed a recess to resolve the request.



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Cover-up trial of priest to follow murderer' sentencing


Father David Cosca

Posted 17/08/2019

Cover-up trial of priest to follow murder's sentencing

A seven-person jury, made up of six women and one man, on Friday, August 16 declared  Hidadi Santos Saavedra guilty of  the death of Eduardo Calderón, in the  El Panama hotel

Calderón was found bleeding in one of the halls of the hotel bleeding on July 7 2018 so he was transferred to Hospital Santo Tomás, where he died the next day.

Homicide prosecutor, Emeldo Márquez, has called for a 30 -year jail  term.

 Meanwhile, Father Cosca, a Catholic priest who reserved and paid for the room where the murder took place is awaiting trial on cover-up charges. During the trial the court heard allegations of Room 47, known as “the office” being used for sexual trysts, including “threesomes.”

Cosca was suspended from priestly duties at   Divina Misericordia when the murder investigation began but women supporters from his parish were in court during the trial.

The Trial Court will announce the sentence for Hidadi Santos on Monday, August 19.



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Priest facing murder cover-up charges remains suspended


Archbishop José Domingo Ulloa

Posted 18/08/2019

Father David Cosca awaiting trial for concealment of a murder in the El Panama Hotel in July 2018 is still suspended from his work as a priest,  says Panama Archbishop José Domingo Ulloa.

"We are waiting for the trial that he  will have and from there we will have the necessary elements from the canonical right to see what action we take," Ulloa said on Sunday, August 18

Monsignor Ulloa made it clear that Cosca is still a priest, but that he is suspended from public activities. “Any case that arises must be brought to civil justice. We have the responsibility not only for the canonical process but also for the civil process, ”said the archbishop.

During the murder trial, there were reports that Cosca rented the room where the murder took place and where there were sexual activities.



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Moderator comment: Another case of poor or absent proofreading. The November 3rd date mentioned for the court hearing probably should read December 3rd.


Priest in court  to answer  murder cover-up charges


Posted 02/12/2019

Prominent Catholic priest David Cosca will be in court on Tuesday, November 3  to face charges of an alleged cover-up of a bizarre murder in a Panama Hotel, with allegations during the trial of the man jailed for the killing, of sexual gatherings in a hotel room labeled “the office” by participants.

The will be before a judge of guarantees in one of the courtrooms located in Plaza Ágora.

In the intermediate hearing, the Public Ministry will have to present the elements of conviction, which will be the evidence to be presented in the oral trial.

The 70-year-old priest is investigated for event are related to the murder of Eduardo Calderón, on July 7, 2018 at the El Panama hotel, for which Hidadi Saavedra has already been sentenced, to 20 years in prison .

According to the inquiries of the Cosca Public Ministry, Cosca who was separated as a priest of the Catholic Church was the person who booked the hotel room the night the murder took place. He was well known to  hotel staff.


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Murder cover-up charges against priest dismissed


Posted 03/12/2019

Charges of a cover-up by Catholic priest David Cosca, related to a murder in a room he had rented un the El-Panama Hotel were dismissed on  Tuesday, December 3,  after Prosecutor Dayra Botello explained that, following r a series of investigations, the dismissal in favor of David Cosca was presented at the hearing.

In the act it was widely supported not to accuse but objectively dismiss the case and not go to trial, said Botello.

Earlier reports had said that Cosca’s cell phone  a key item in the investigation had disappeared

"I was dismissed, I have nothing to do," said Cosca, after learning about the decision taken by the judge of guarantees Oris Medina, during the intermediate phase hearing.

The facts under which the 71-year-old priest was being investigated are related to the murder of Eduardo Calderón, on July 7, 2018, in a room that Cosca had rented at the El Panama hotel, for which Hidadi Saavedra has already been sentenced, to 20 years in prison.

Cosca said he has never done anything against anyone. "God and the truth overcame," he added.

 “I was never unfaithful to the Panamanian people or to God,” continued Cosca, who said he now returns to the church with more humility.

“About the canonical process, I don't know. I am happy with this today, with everything else they do what they want, ”said Cosca, separated for a year and a half from the Catholic Church.

Earlier, upon arrival at the intermediate audience, Cosca said that there has been a lot of slander in the media, but he made it clear he would not file lawsuits.. "I forgive you and pray for all," he added.



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