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Good friend and old neighbor. 

Important to understand that he in teaching yoga that day, may have had to touch to demonstrate, but that touch my not have been with sexual intent.   That is this man's personal testimony.    I find that very believable knowing him.  The event happened at the peak of the " me too" era of female testimonies against men and inappropriate touching.    No doubt this was bad judgement on the part of my friend to attempt teaching yoga to youth, and especially a mixed group of boys and girls.  Also it was extremely  bad judgement on the part of this school system allowing adult male substitute gym teachers to teach their female students.   

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On 6/19/2019 at 8:51 AM, Brundageba said:

"may have had to touch to demonstrate"

 "The event happened at the peak of the " me too" era"

Good Lord, I've taken yoga classes for years, and not once, has an instructor ever touched me. Not once. But he found it necessary to touch multiple people multiple times? And of what relavence does the me too movement have to do with it? 

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