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Panama’s Metropolitan Park

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Parque Metropolitano Butterfly Garden inaugurated with samples of more than 30 native species
Catherine Perea| 20 feb 2017 02.19pm

The city of Panama already has its first butterfly garden in the Parque Natural Metropolitano, which seeks to bring the nature to the citizens.

The Butterfly Garden can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, at a time of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m, and the cost of entry will be of B/.1.25 for children, B/.2.50 adults and B/.5.00.

With a sample of more than 30 native species of the country as the blue morpho butterflies, and the owl butterfly Heliconius.

These spaces can be explored freely or to follow a guided tour that lasts about fifteen minutes, which explains to visitors about the varieties of butterflies, show their larvae, pupae and identify specific plants which are frequented by each species.

The project was carried out after an alliance between the Mayor's office of Panama, the private sector, the Board of Trustees of the Metropolitan Nature Park and the Ministry of the Environment (MiAmbiente).

The mayor, José Blandón said that the space is a tribute to the capacity for change of these insects.

Blandón further noted that "we want to make reality to make greater use of the spaces that the city has, and that more people especially children and young people learn much more of the diversity that characterizes our country."

This is the second mariposariom being the first of the Embera Community Tusipono, in the Chagres National Park, known as the laboratory of the Butterfly Garden.



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$5 million investment for Panama’s Metropolitan Park lung


Panama viewed from Metropolitan Park

Posted 15/06/2019

The 232 hectares of Metropolitan Park is responsible for eliminating 30% of the polluting gases that are produced in the capital city and home to I hundreds of species of animals and plants,  Its board is planning a $5mililion investment to attract tourists while it fights further urban encroachment.

With the construction of the North corridor, the  Natural Park lost 56 hectares. In the last decade, there have been attempts to remove another 15 hectares to build the headquarters of the National Police and a workshop for Mibus buses.

Some 49,000  thousand last year and toured which is  only represents 14% of the total that the park can receive annually,

To increase the influx of visitors, the park's board has launched a $5 million investment plan to add spaces that allow cultural and physical activities but respecting its main attraction: nature.

A few meters from the Juan Pablo II Avenue, but hidden by a barrier of trees, is the castle, an anti-aircraft bunker built by the US Army which will be renovated to house cultural events rooms, spaces for reading, music, history, and an area to climb.

The restoration, together with the parking area, will cost  $3.2 million, which is represents 56.2% of the budget of the master plan that will be completed by  2024.

Administered by a board, the park does not receive state contributions, so it must manage its own funds through concessions within its area of jurisdiction. I

In addition to the rehabilitation of the bunker, which will ould have an auditorium for 300 people, the plan includes the creation of three new trails. The "marmoset monkey trail", one of the most visited, will also be rehabilitated, and potable water sources will be installed on the top of Cerro Cedro, which at 150 meters above sea level is the second highest point in the city. capital, only surpassed by the 190 meters of height of Ancón hill.



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