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Suspect in Supreme Court attempted murder in detention

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Suspect in Supreme Court attempted murder in  detention.


Posted 12/06/2019

The man accused of the attempted murder of a  witness heading into the Supreme Court for a gang related hearing will spend the next six months behind bars while investigations continue.

A guarantee judge legalized on  Wednesday, June 12 the arrest of Abdul Moisés Jiménez , who is investigated for the alleged attempted murder of   José Luis Quintero in  front of the Court  in Ancon on  the morning of May 30, causing panic in the area.

On June 10, the National Police reported on the capture of Jiménez, who is allegedly linked in the shooting

On May 30, a confusing incident occurred in the vicinity of the Supreme Court of Justice, in Ancon, when shots were fired at a person who was going to a hearing in police custody.

The failed attack began after 10:00 am and no victims were reported although at least six shots were fired.

The authorities reported that the shots were fired from a  moving white sedan  located later on , near a car rental company on Via Espana..




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