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Video Surveillance Camera Installation to Proceed

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Video Camera Installation to Proceed

José Vásquez / Chiriquí

The mayor of the district of Boquete, Emigdio Walker Vásquez confirmed that he has given the order to proceed for the installation of eight video surveillance cameras, the construction of a monitoring center and the control booth on the David-Boquete main road at height of the corregimiento of Caldera.

The Mayor of the tourist district of Boquete indicates that the work has an amount of $ 190,000 and will be executed in a period of 180 days, nevertheless the company that won the bid committed to install the cameras in a period of one month to install the Monitoring center temporarily in the facilities of the Boquete Public Market, since the Monitoring Center (C02) has to be built next to the National Police substation in this district.

He noted that the center will have eight 55-inch monitors and three units of the National Police that will be in charge of monitoring the cameras that will be located at strategic points which are not revealed due to security reasons.

Mayor Vásquez confirmed that the points where the cameras go were already selected in coordination with the security bodies, which are in charge of giving the key points for the security issue. "We are the first district of the interior of the country that we will have video surveillance cameras, which allows us to have a better control of the people entering and leaving the district of Boquete and where not only nationals, but also foreigners come.

 For his part, the head of the Chiriquí police zone, Cicinio Núñez, confirmed the information and pointed out that the monitoring center once installed will have a link with the National Police Control Center in Panama City (C05) and an APP of the institution will be put into operation which people can download  on their cell phones and request help in case of emergency, so the authorities can know the actual place where the person with problems is.

Commissioner Núñez also pointed out that with the installation of the control booth at the Caldera turnoff on the main road, thorough checks can be made during the dry or rainy season. Finally, the head of the National Police called for society in general to be guarantors of their own security with preventive measures and to denounce people who are engaged in illicit activities.


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