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Drug lords caught in Amador raid

Posted 13/03/2019
An intelligence operation involving three security institutions led to the arrest of two men on Panama ’s most wanted list and allegedly linked to drug trafficking and multiple murders in Colón.

Captured were Eduardo Macea Alonzo, alias "Marshall" and his lieutenant Jairo Garibaldo Martínez,  who have been investigated for involvement in drug crimes and their roles in 30 gang-related murders and executions since last August.

The arrests took place on the island of Naos, on the Amador Causeway, where the men had a luxury apartment  after  an exchange of fire that left a security vehicle with 30 bullet holes

Assault weapons, including AK 47s  and automatic pistols, were confiscated, along with a luxury 4x4 vehicle and more than $3,000 in cash.

President, Juan Carlos Varela said on Twitter that it was a major impact operation against organized crime.

According to Varela, agents of the National Police, the National Security Council and officials of the Attorney General's Office participated


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Amador highliving drug lords indicted

Posted 14/03/2019
Three men arrested in Amador after a gun battle with security personnel were indicted for conspiracy, intentionally attempted homicide and illegal possession of firearms on Thursday, March 14.

The National Police and the Public Prosecutor's Office captured the men were wanted for kidnapping, homicide and drug trafficking.

Their kingpin Eduardo Macea Alonzo alias "Marshall" was accused of crimes against life and personal integrity, as well as crimes against collective security, possession and trafficking of arms and explosives in 2014. He was convicted of the murder of Daniel Jesús Reid García

He was arrested in the parking lots of his luxurious apartment valued at over $300,000 on Naos Island.



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Gang kingpin moved to island max-jail.

Posted 15/03/2019
Panama’s formerly “most wanted”  gang leader kingpin and drug trafficker Eduardo Macea Alonzo, aka "Marshall" is now behind bars, on the penal island of Punta Coco.

Guarded by  National Police units he arrived in Friday, March 15  at the Albrook airport to be transferred to the top security jail by National Aeronaval Service (Senan) helicopter. the perimeter of the airport was surrounded by police.

"Marshall" wore short pants, a sleeveless shirt, sandals handcuffs, and leg irons. He is linked to multiple gangland executions and was captured on Tuesday after a shoot-out during a police operation in Amador.

"Marshall" and two other subjects at a  Thursday court hearing, were charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit a crime and illegal possession of firearms.

A judge of guarantees legalized the arrest "Marshall ", and his deputies Jamil De Mera and Jairo Garibaldi.

La Critica said they were more guarded than Pablo Escobar when he was operating in Medellin.

Defense lawyers appealed the arrests and alleged that their clients’ rights were affected by the publishing of their photos before legalizing the arrest.



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Colon Capo wants out of max-jail


The capo under heavy escort

Posted 21/03/2019
Eduardo Macea, alias Marshall - one of the most wanted criminals in the country - captured on March 12, is regarded by police and judicial authorities as the capo of drug trafficking in Colón. and responsible for a wave of violent crimes that shook the province.

 Macea is credited with controlling routes for cocaine trafficking to Europe through container ports in Colón.

The authorities also link Macea to the murders of members of a rival gang controlled by Jaime Powel, alias Yunya.  in a dispute over drug trafficking routes:

The authorities estimate that the disputes between Marshall and Yunya have left about 30 dead between members of each side.

Jaime Powel arrested in Dubai

Macea is confined in Panama’s maximum security prison, Punta Coco. and his His lawyers are seeking to get him moved from the local Alcatraz The Superior Court judges rejected the appeal

 Macea, was captured along with one of his henchmen in the parking lot of a luxury apartment building in Isla Naos on the Amador Causeway.

The territorial war between the two gang leaders  -unleashed an unprecedented wave of crime and violence in the province of Colón

Marshall and Yunya joined the organized crime worlds as adolescent killers in  90s-, under Vicente Blanford, alias Juancín -whose whereabouts are unknown-, who recruited them for the transfer of drugs through of the ports in Colón.

After operating under Juancín's shadow, Macea created a route for cocaine trafficking. His first shipment, five kilos of drugs, went to Europe. Yunya did the same through the Colón ports using a business facade to move his cargoes.

Marshall and Yunya learned from Juancín and each one formed their "cuadrillas" with port workers to become masters of the cocaine routes to Europe. Over the years, the three carried out their illegal activities without problems, and even "rented" routes between them,

In 2014, war broke out between Macea and Yunya, after the former was arrested and jailed in Colón for gang crimes and murder.

While behind bars several of Macea's gang moved to Yunya. This sparked the fury of Macea, who vowed promised to assassinate those who had betrayed him.

Four years later, the Third Criminal Court of Colón dismissed the case against the capo. The Public Ministry appealed the decision, but the case has not yet been sent to the Second Court reports La Prensa.

Jaime Powel, alias Yunya, was captured in June 2018 in Dubai and deported to Panama at the request of the Public Ministry. Archive

Marshall left prison and, according to police authorities, fulfilled his promise to end the lives of those who had betrayed him. Upon his release, a series of murders occurred in several sectors of Colón

In 2018, the province of reported a total of 91 homicides and a rate of 26.2 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, the highest of all the provinces.

In December, clues clue emerged that led police intelligence to suspect that Macea  was behind some of the murders.

Among them, the murder of Felipe Alarcón, alias Filin, on December 21, 2018; and Aníbal Cortés, nicknamed Miami, three days later.

Filin, who was one of the men closest to Macea was killed while traveling in his car to Portobelo. He was shot from another car.

For its part, Miami, designated as Yunya's right-hand man, was killed when driving his vehicle on the Panama- Colón highway on a  bridge over the Chagres River.

In June of last year, Yunya was captured in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and deported to Panama

A few weeks ago, the First Criminal Court of Colón issued a provisional dismissal in favor of Yunya. The prosecution appealed the decision and the process is also pending in the Second Superior Court.

An elite intelligence unit kept track of people closest to Macea and was struck by an unusual entry and exit of cars from a luxurious building on the Amador Causeway, where apartments are valued at $500,000.

The elite unit trascked an Acura van one of several that regularly entered the building and that always moved at high speed on the road to  Amador.,

On March 12, agents in an unmarked car followed the van and when it was near the Fish Market on Ave Balboa

it slowed down and agents identified, Macea through the smoked windows. Meanwhile half of the elite group was at Tocumen International waiting for the capo’s wife to arrive.  

The police decided to follow the truck, which headed in the direction of the Amador Causeway. Near Friday's restaurant, the undercover police car rammed the truck and Macea's cronies opened fire. In the chase that followed the police  car was  hit by multiple shots. At the building in Naos policemen arrested an armed man  patrolling the building who led them inside

 Macea and gang members were arrested before backup officers arrived.

Macea was brought before a judge of guarantees, who legalized his apprehension and validated the charges for drug trafficking and gang-related charges of the Organized Crime.prosecutor.

On March 15, he was transferred to the maximum security prison on Punta Coco Island for  criminals considered the most dangerous

Authorities discovered that the security of the building where Marshall was hiding was operated by a clandestine agency that hired Nicaraguans, Salvadorans and undocumented Venezuelans,

It transpired that all the guards of the building carried nine-millimeter caliber pistols.

The administrator of the building was the mother-in-law of one of the men captured with Macea.

Canadian killed
The clandestine agency was directed by Carlos Boyd, who was prosecuted for the murder of Canadian businessman Scott Jhon Barton, in 1995.

According to the summaries of that the Public Ministry at the time, Barton was allegedly killed to rob him of a Submariner-type Rolex watch, with an approximate cost of $18,000, which was later recovered in a pawnshop.



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No-show defense lawyers slapped with $500 fines



Posted 07/06/2019

Two defense lawyers were slapped with $500 sanctions for not appearing in court on Friday, May 7 for the scheduled hearing of the case of the shooting on March 12 on the island of Naos, on the Amador Causeway.  Gang boss Eduardo Macea, aka  Marshall, was one of the people arrested in a raid on a luxury apartment box

He Marshall had been transferred on Friday morning from the  Punta Coco maximum security prison where he is being held, to the facilities of the Accusatory Penal System in  Plaza Ágora, to attend the hearing. 

As a result of the non-appearance of the lawyers, the judge considered that they were delaying the process,  they were sanctioned with $500 dollars each.  

The case will now be heard on June 20.



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Court flips ruling,  jails Colón Capo 25 years


Capo Marshall

Posted 01/08/2020

The Second Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court has reversed a, 2019 judgment, issued by the Second Court of Justice, which acquitted Eduardo Macea, alias Marshall, and three others of charges of murder and unlawful possession of firearms.

The ruling also hit  Jairo Dino Dángelo Muñiz, who was previously sentenced to 30 years for homicide, but now, will serve  40 years behind bars.

They were found guilty of the 2014 murder of Daniel Jesús Reid, between Calle 2 and Arango Avenue, in Colón.

Those involved, according to a press release from the Public Ministry, tried to escape but were caught by agents of the National Police.

The sentence came after the Superior Discharge Prosecutor of the Metropolitan Area, of the Public Ministry, appealed the judgment of the Second Court of Justice that only sentenced only Jairo Dino Dángelo Muñiz, and released the others.

The Second Chamber of the Court argued that "there was no correlation with the court's ruling in sentencing only one of those charged with the crime." "The same arguments with which Dángelo Muñiz was sentenced are valid to declare the rest of the sentenced guilty," adds the ruling.

Marshall is currently incarcerated in the Punta Coco maximum security prison, located on Isla del Rey, in the Panamanian Pacific, while under investigation for the alleged illicit possession of firearms and drug trafficking.

Considered "The capo de Colón", he was arrested on March 12, 2019, in Isla Naos in a tracking operation. During his arrest, there was an intense gun battle and a policeman was injured. At the time he was one of the most wanted, linked by the police and judicial authorities with drug trafficking and a crime wave that shook the province of Colón.



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