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On Sunday April 28, Amigos de Animales spayed or neutered 134 animals, 71 dogs and 63 cats. Our total for the year is 841 animals who have been safely sterilized and will be living better lives thanks to our efforts in the community. eebcabc1-b65f-4d2f-a8f7-154de4d6e4eb.jpg

We had three of our faithful Costa Rican vets working, Drs. Virgilio, Aaron, and Ingrid we were also fortunate to have Dra. Sandy doing double duty, working in both surgery and triage in Recovery. Having someone working in triage is a wonderful addition to our Recovery process – it enables us to have expert advice and help when needed without having to disturb the flow with the vets in surgery. We also welcomed Dr. Melinda Peters an American vet who will be living in the Boquete area “for at least a year.”


This is an interesting exercise: at this clinic we spayed 53 female dogs and 49 female cats. If we multiply the female dogs by 6 (assuming each would have a litter of 6) and the female cats by 4 (assuming litters of 4), that is 318 dogs not on the streets looking for food and 196 cats not wandering around homeless and hungry. Then take it further out with a dog potentially having 2 litters a year and a cat also having 3 or 4 litters a year and you can see the impact that our clinics have on the community! The numbers are staggering!



Many thanks to everyone who helps us run our clinic every month. Jane and Cheryl in the kitchen, Heidi at Mike’s Global Grill who sends us pizza for the vets every month, and all the people who donate food and time and care and concern for the animals of Boquete.

And we have gone green! Thanks to Jane Hampton, all the utensils, plates, and cups that we use in the kitchen are biodegradable. And we are doing our best to recycle all the water bottles used during that clinic day.




This is Gabriela who is the daughter of Sra Uba who manages a feeding station in Alto Lino. One day when delivering food to Sra Uba, she mentioned her daughter to Kirsten Quimby, our wonderful cat rescuer, feeder, and bringer-of-cats to the clinic. She said that her daughter who lives in David had lots of cats, LOTS of cats. Upon further discussion, Kirsten discovered that the daughter had around 50 cats and that not one had been sterilized (see the above chart to see how many cats there could be next year).bef95766-66f4-425d-9ce6-31c41bcf3267.jpg

Kirsten reached out to Dr Virgilio and he agreed to hold a special clinic on March 6 for just these cats; that day 20 females were spayed. Then another clinic took place in David on May 4 and 10 more females were brought in.

Gabriela and her mother are extremely grateful – they could never have afforded to do this for the cats that they have been caring for. They think of Kirsten and Amigos de Animales as “their angels”.

This is the Happy Paws Club in action! Help us help more families like that of Sr Gabriela by joining the HPC now. Your donation of $10, $20, $50 or more goes directly to sponsoring these clinics.2d4ae20f-313d-4b34-a956-4b01b8b6ebfa.jpg

Many thanks to Kirsten and Ray and all the people who take the time to care for the dogs and cats of our community and the surrounding area.

Become a member of the Happy Paws Club.



Lupe, the lady in the photo, is from one of the feeding stations in town near Cafe Ruiz, the old location. 

She and her family are animal lovers and they have trapped cats on their own and brought them to the clinic along with other cats not in traps.

She was there with a cat in a trap and was sitting next to the man who brought this dog.


We saw the dog and thought there is NO way that dog can be operated on today.

And then Lupe thankfully got involved and later she had this dog and was talking to the owner, to Dra Chely, and whoever else she could find to explain to the owner that the dog was too skinny and unwell to be spayed that day. Magaly was also involved and a crate and blankets were arranged and Lupe is now caring for the dog who had possibly been used as a puppy machine.

Kirsten said: It was just the kindest gesture on behalf of Lupe to intervene on this dog's behalf.  It shows the most loving of hearts some people have towards the animals.  I'm proud to know Lupe and her family.





The next clinic will be Sunday May 26.

For a reservation, contact Magaly at 6563-8686 by phone or whatsapp, or email at boqueteanimales@gmail.com.45be3c24-6b81-4ba1-8cc7-6c7155fad602.png

To volunteer, contact Alicia at akcleavenger@hotmail.com.

NOTE: we need towels of all sizes but especially smaller ones like face towels and washcloths. We always lose towels at our clinics as many animals go home wrapped up in the towels they were recovered in. Thank you!

AADAB's mission is to provide low cost spaying and neutering of dogs and cats and to promote the general welfare of animals in our community and surrounding areas.

Donate to AADAB Today!


Visit Our Website here...


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