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127th Spay/Neuter Clinic in Volcan

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Our 127th spay/neuter clinic in Volcan gave a total of 4,931 dogs and cats sterilized. http://spaypanama- chiriqui.org/127th.html

An excellent email from Don Binder, one of our dedicated volunteers:

This is why I love the Volcán spay/neuter clinics.  A dog was hit by a vehicle and rushed

 into the clinic.  Dr. Tello examined him and said he had a dislocated front shoulder and broken

hip.  He set the shoulder  and immediately asked for an electric drill. Dottie called Rodriqo

and he brought the drill.  In these pictures you will see Dr. Tello guiding a 5-inch stainless pin

 through the dogs hip while Agueda (15 years old) operates the drill.  In another picture, 

a 14-year-old new volunteer (Esteban Hidaldo) operates the drill while Dr. Tello directs. 

(See the pictures on my web page.)


My response:

Thanks for the pictures and write up, Don. I'm working on my web page now and I planned to 

include about the dog, but you said it very well.

Dr. Tello is indeed a genius! He said the drill is not an "orthopedic drill" but it served the purpose.

I am happy to pay for things like this--and Dr. Tello charged me only $50 for a surgery that took

1-1/2 hours, including, of course, the five minutes it took to  neuter him. 

Francia's sister is taking care of the dog. I gave them extra antibiotics and pain meds to administer.

Dr. Tello will remove the pin at our June 23rd clinic. Francia says she may adopt him--he's a very

nice dog. He is not thin, so I'm guessing he is still another dog that was dumped here--

I regularly walk in that area and I have not seen him before.

I went to see the dog today (April 30th). He is doing well, thanks to our wonderful Dr. Andres Tello. 

The dog also has road rash and dings all over his body, but he will be okay.

See the photo album for this clinic here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ HP85AHZM6t3KLzoW6

Our May clinic is full, and we are taking appointments for June 23rd.

Love and hugs to everyone who participated!


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