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"Sitting Is The New Smoking" How To Easily Re-Gain Flexibility & Strength


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Learn the Correct and Safe Way to Exercise 

In Less Than 15 Minutes a Day 

The Five Rites Clinics 

Sign up now 

Classes limited to 8 people

Invest 15 Minutes Daily And You Will...








· RELIEF FROM ARTHRITIS                  


 (see the testimonials at the end of this notice)


What’s Included In The Clinic?


  • Two - 90 minute group sessions at The Haven Hotel & Spa -- Don't Worry!! We won't be working out for the full 90 minutes!
  • A 3rd private one-on-one session, 3-4 weeks following the group sessions
  • Instruction by Michael Cooper, RYT200 and 17 years teaching The Five Rites (nearly 3 years teaching in Boquete)
  • Opportunities to video the exercises and the correct techniques 
  • Printed Instruction for use at home
  • Q & A Session after each session
What You'll Get?
  • Strengthen core, upper and lower body, tone the body—Increase Energy & Vitality
  • Relieve pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia, increase mobility and range of motion in all limbs AND in the SPINE
  • Increase strength and flexibility in the spine, legs, wrists & fingers, elbows, shoulders, knees, hips
  • Increase energy and boost or stabilize metabolism 
  • Slow down the aging process and improve the quality of your life
  • Improve balance and equilibrium which gives you better footing and quicker reaction time, helping to eliminate falls or lessen the severity of a fall
  • Enjoy optimum health -- be pain free
  • Look younger, fresher, and be stronger! 


When?           Wed & Fri  May 15 & 17.....10:30am-12noon both days -- You must attend both Sessions

Where?             The Haven Hotel & Spa, Boquete  

How Much?  $50 PER PERSON (cash only, OR request to pay using PayPal)

                                  Each Clinic limited to 8 attendees so everyone gets personal attention

How do I Sign Up and Pay?


1. Reply to Michael at mic1951co@gmail.com or call or WhatsApp me at 6623 4860 to RSVP.  then... 

2. Drop your cash payment at The Haven reception... be sure to supply your name and email address and ask for a receipt.  

--If you are submitting payment for others, please include their name(s) & contact info and your name & email so I know who to credit.  

--I will follow up with a confirmation and emailed receipt to you.

3. Payment In Advance Is Required To Hold Your Reservation.

--Other payment arrangements are possible, but must be with me made in advance of the session.

4. Please Email or call me if you have questions

What do I Bring?

Comfortable work out clothes, a Yoga mat if you have one, and Your Happy Smiling Face!

(There are loaner mats for your use.  Also there will be new Yoga mats for sale for $15 should you need one)


1st Note: This will be the best $50 you ever invested in your Life & Health & Happiness!  


2nd Note:  Through my experience in more than 18 years of practicing and 17 years of teaching the Five Rites, you will learn the CORRECT techniques, and the overlooked keys to seamlessly integrating this routine into your daily life. You'll understand the shortcuts to improving your posture, strength, flexibility, and physical stamina.  


3rd Note: If you experience difficulty getting down to the floor and getting up off the floor unassisted, please call or WhatsApp me before signing up (6623-4860) so we can make sure you are ready for the Clinic.


4th Note: Life Is Meant To Be Enjoyed! -- Not Endured! -- And Life Is Short!!


"What you you give your attention to flourishes and grows. 

       What you take your attention away from withers and dies."

                                                                        Dr. Joe Dispenza

"He not busy being born is busy dying."

                                                                 Bob Dylan





December 2018

--Mary Ann McDonald, Boquete Resident

I began the 5 Rites seven months ago under Michael's direction, and I have faithfully continued to practice them regularly.

Not only have my muscles improved in tone, and strength, but overall flexibility & balance is greatly enhanced.

For 15 minutes or less each day, it is amazing how much your body will thank you! Try it - I assure you, you won't regret it!!

Mary Ann MacDonald



It has been approximately 18 months since I took Michael’s Five Tibetan Rites class and have missed only a handful of days. To me it is as integral a part of my day as taking a breath. My energy each day is great, my initial weight loss has held and my flexibility has increased.  I have many friends in Boquete who took Michael’s Five Rites based on my recommendation and have only been showered with ‘thank you’. Keep it up Michael!

All the best,

Merl Will-Wallace

December 2018
--Michael & Nancy Gallawa, Boquete Residents
Dear Michael,
The benefits we have enjoyed as a result of taking the class are:

Nancy--Better balance, increased abdominal strength, improved digestion, reduced stress in shoulders. My body has become stronger and more confident when walking in uneven and steep terrain. I know this is a regimen I will do for the rest of my life.


Michael--Definitely more stamina when doing the exercises than when I first started. Nagging lower back pain has been eliminated. My balance has definitely improved which is helpful when moving about the very uneven terrain of our property. As Michael has explained, there is an energy that starts to be awakened, the energy that is our life. This is a wonderful feeling.


Thank you so much Michael for your dedication to your teaching and your students. It is an experience Nancy and I would recommend to everyone.

Michael and Nancy Gallawa


December 2018

--Gina Goh, World Traveler & part time Boquete Resident

I definitely have experienced a very positive change and I am continuing on a daily basis. It provides me with not only feeling balanced physically, but on a higher sense of well-being as well. 

You are an excellent teacher and motivator and I thank you for making an important impact on my well-being at this stage in my life and enable me to work on the The Five Rites wherever I am located.

Big hugs, Gina Goh



December 2018

--Paquita Bath, Boquete Resident & World Traveler

I have maintained my Five Rites practice for almost a year.  It is a discipline that I can squeeze into the busiest of days and do anywhere - including extremely small hotel rooms.  It  wakes me up and gets me moving in the morning, clears out my cobwebs, and energizes me for another day on this beautiful planet.   

Paquita Bath


December 2018

--Tom Mooney, Boquete Resident

Michael...prior to starting Five Rites I experienced difficulty recovering from a squatting position which would be repeated multiple times daily as I gardened and performed like tasks. Within weeks of starting the Five Rites there was a marked improvement which continues daily. This among other improvements.  I highly recommend this program.

Tom Mooney



December 2018

--Robert Lewis, Boquete Resident

My wife and I went to Michael's August class. I thought just five simple exercises...what's the big deal? 

I am 68 years old. These exercises are life changing!!

My legs, which were weak, are getting stronger.  My whole body feels more energized! Just for the few minutes I put into this every morning! This is the best investment for my health that I have ever made!! 

The Five Rites came along in my life now and is exactly what I needed.

Thank You Michael for making the Five Rites a part of the rest of my life, at least in this lifetime on earth.

Robert Lewis


April 2018

--KJERSTEN VAN HORN, 14 year Boquete Resident & Businesswoman says

I took Michael’s Five Rites class two months ago. It was a one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I have been doing the exercises every day and can really feel the improvement in my physical and mental health.

I had a bad shoulder injury about a year ago with a result of 4 pins in my shoulder and a metal plate down my arm with another 3 pins holding my shoulder together.  Since I took the rites class and continue to do my exercises every day it has helped the mobility of my arm and shoulder and totally relieved the discomfort I had with that metal plate in my arm!  I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone!  

Kjersten Van Horn 



—MERL WILL-WALLACE, Boquete Resident & Businessman says   “Ten weeks ago I took the Five Rites at The Haven from Michael Cooper... For years I have had paroxysmal vertigo, which makes me sick to my stomach any time that I lay down or spin around... Within a week the vertigo was gone.  Almost immediately I found I had a lot more energy. I have also lost 10 pounds with no change in diet, except I don't tolerate coffee as well as I used to (way too much energy now)...Most importantly, my stubborn high blood pressure is now normal. Overall I feel stronger, more flexible and, well, yes younger. Thank you Michael for introducing me to this miracle in my life." 

--ADRIANA SPITTELER, Boquete Resident says


Michael has been one of the best teachers I've had. I joined his "Five Rites Clinic" in September 2017 and when I started I could not lift my head at all when lying on the floor. Michael showed me special exercises to strengthen my neck-muscles and I have fully regained my strength to lift my head, it's really incredible. I really love it and normally do my "5 Rites" in the morning. It takes me 15-20 min max, including some intermediary stretching exercises (introduced by Michael as well).  Michael is not only a fantastic practitioner, but also an excellent teacher. With his skills, his passion and compassion he did instill a love for daily practice, which I never thought would suit me. I have to admit, the "Five Rites" have changed my life for the better and I thank Michael for convincing me to join his clinic. Do the same and you will see and feel positive changes soon! 

--LAURA, Boquete Resident says "Something my husband and I can do and encourage each other while doing....Notice increased stamina/strength....My clothes are and continue to get looser...must go shopping!...Now I look at my calves and wonder 'Whose are these anyway?'  They look so different!...Like the convenience of doing it at home in comfy clothes...much more likely for me to keep it up if it's at home, doesn't take much time and I get noticeable results relatively quickly.

Thank you Michael for all you do, Laura             

—CLEO, Boquete Resident says   "I am 74 years old and a few months ago I attended The Five Rites class from Michael.  It has been very beneficial for me.  Better balance, feel stronger and more stamina.  I like the fact that I can do the exercises at home in a short amount of time."       

--BRAD DRAKE, Boquete Resident & Personal Trainer says  "A year ago we began the Five Rites exercise routine as taught by Michael at The Haven...it has become a part of my lifestyle, and a big reason I don't need adjustments anymore. I would recommend this short but powerful exercise routine for anyone and just about everyone." 

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