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I collect clothing and goods for the people in the mountains in Panama. We usually come to Chiriqui once a year and we did so around Christmas this year. We found the poverty so bad we decided to return again and will arrive on this Monday the 6th of May. All the goods are now in storage at Chiriqui Storage and we will start distributing on Tuesday. Dac Transport Mr Buchanan generously provided an empty truck returning to Boquete and Mexico Moving Ronald Ponton tried to help also.
We will be renting our vehicle from Cowboy Cars. We hope to cover the mountains of Boquete, Volcan and Cerro Punta as we did last time. The donated goods come from Coronado, Gorgona, San Carlos and all the surrounding areas including outside the country. Promises, an Exclusive Boutique in Panama City receives donated goods on our behalf. We are not a non-profit or religious group and receive small donations throughout the years from individuals. We do this work because it needs doing. Goods arrive to me in Coronado from all over the world and people knit hats and blankets for the kids and bring them to Panama, as you are familiar with the weather it can be cool in the mountains.
I would like some help from the people of Boquete to tell us the locations of good places to eat. We know about Sugar and Spice but we also need inexpensive places so when we stagger back after a long day we can get a good meal without having it cost an arm and a leg. By the way, there are only three of us doing this work this time so a large place to eat is not necessary. 
Thank you 
Barbara Scott, Carlos Esteckmann and Cap Manuel
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