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Puppy rescued at fair


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Two tourists at the fair came across this 5 month old puppy chained tightly to the wall.  She wasn't able to stand with the chain and had to be lying down the entire time with no water. The woman owning the dog sold her to them for $20.00.  They thought ARF would take her, but there were no foster homes.

They found a temporary place for her for 3 days.  Her foster mom reports she is a very sweet dog.  She became immediately attached and won't wander far from her.  She can be walked without a leash in safe places.  She met one of the neighbor's dogs, and got along well, just wants to play.  Likes to chew rawhide bones.   When not playing hard, she is sleeping hard.  She's a very affectionate little thing who would make someone a terrific little friend and a good companion.
Contact Jo  6917- 0666

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3 hours ago, Penny said:

I see a new revenue stream for the locals. Just mistreat your dog in public and somebody will pay you for the dog.

That has been a problem all along.  It's not new.  We discourage people from buying roadside parrots and other animals, because it encourages this behavior.  The ladies who bought the dog were tourists.  They don't know the game, but I'm glad they rescued Ella nevertheless.  Doesn't she have a sweet face?  She is available for adoption.

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