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Christmas in April


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Well, it's not really Christmas or even Christmas in July, but I love gift giving anytime, so…Boquete & Beyond, the Smartphone App for Visitors, Newcomers and Residents is now available to download for android phones (apple soon) FREE for EVERYONE.

It's a gift not only because it's free to install but primarily because everything in it was included at no charge. None of the hundreds of businesses listed in this new Smartphone App paid a penny for what you see now. More importantly, all of our beloved Charities, Community Outreach, Animal Rescue and Cultural Institutions get all of the Business Upgrades for Free moving forward as well.

It's also a gift because it puts so many resources at your fingertips in an easy to use and convenient format. And not just the standard entries like Restaurants, Lodging and Adventures. And not just all of our Cultural and Service Organizations. But also important info like Emergency Services, Health & Wellness, Spiritual Groups, Taxis and even Embassies.

Join us and we'll unwrap this gift together at the Tuesday Talk on April 16th. Live demo if the internet connection cooperates, otherwise I will use screenshots to show you how to unwrap all the goodies in it. I would especially like to see folks from all of our service organizations so I can explain how they can use this app to increase public awareness of their great projects.

Don't leave home without it if you are living or traveling in Boquete, Volcan, David, the Pacific Coast areas or Bocas del Toro.

Boquete & Beyond

Travel Guide-Business Directory-Community Resource


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