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Retrogusto Sunday Brunch Menu with free PanaMaria!


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OK.  I'm in the mood to take the heat for speaking my mind.  I know what the law is.  But, the burdens of complying with the law are on the restaurant.  The government provides no reimbursement to them for providing the meals at a reduced price.  They expect the restaurant to take it from profits.  So, now everyone wants to run to Acodeco to force a restaurant to operate at a reduced margin or possibly at a loss.  

It seems to me that the best way for restaurants to handle the jubilado discount is to put an added fee into the bill of every non-jubilado that will cover those costs.  Oh, but surely someone would find a reason to take that plan to Acodeco too.  

I think I will write a letter to Athenas and suggest that purchases from flea markets be covered by 25% jubilado discount.  Seniors would get a far greater benefit from that than they will ever get from dining at Retrogusto.



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