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Visiting Boquete in December Looking for Accommodation

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I plan to visit Boquete for most of December 2019.  I'm looking for reasonable, inexpensive accommodation.  I'd be happy to house-sit for someone.  I'm a single male, non-smoker.  

Second question:  Does anyone know of a piano or keyboard that I could use to practice while I'm in Boquete?

Thank you.


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There are various Hostels that are inexpensive that rent by the night.  They may not be the best but renting a house is generally long term and starts at 900 bucks a month.  Everyone is getting greedy and raising their rents because the water and sewage and roads have been renewed.  I know a lady who has a spare keyboard but you would have to ask her about that.  We will all be singing in the Christmas Sing a long in December.  I am in the church choir.  One or more of the choir members have keyboards.  rossblankert@ymail.com   There is airbnb but that will be more like $1300 a month . There are house sitting jobs but only a few. Good Luck.  Ross

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