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Pirate buses warned off Metro routes


Pirate bus taking on passengers

Posted 10/04/2019
Pirate bus owners have been warned that they cannot operate on the same routes as the Metro buses and the subway.in the capital city

President Juan Carlos Varela said on Wednesday, April 10 that pirate carriers have to adapt to the great system t has been designed and  "cannot represent a competition, but have to become feeders.

He stressed that " if they insist on wanting to compete with the formal transportation system, then the technology and investment that has been made for Line 2 of the Panama Metro, will close them out."



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No compensation for pirate buses - ATTT


Posted 15/04/2019

As the crackdown continues on pirate buses attempting to operate on public  transit routes continues

The  Transit Authority (ATTT), has made it clear that there is no possibility of compensation being paid.

Director  Julio González, said on Monday, April 15  that alternative carriers or "pirates", are not recognized by the entity, do not have a certificate of operation and have no legitimacy or legality.

A meeting had been arranged between the pirates and ATTT officials at 2:00 p.m. but, the drivers arrived at the headquarters of the entity very early.

González said that the action of the " pirates " has been unfortunate since an hour had been set for the presentation of the proposal so that the ATTT could analyze if it is possible that they would be welcomed by the legal organizations.

Gonzalez said he had no problems attending a transporters' meeting commission, but their  action clearly shows that " there were probably other intentions and not the search for a solution to the situation they are presenting.”



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