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Boquete Medical Specialists Dates


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DRA. ROXANA SALCEDO (GYNECOLOGY/UROLOGY/OBG):  will be coming to Alfa clinic Boquete, april saturday 13th. Call for your appointment 69495998.
DR. MARCOS FLETCHER (CARDIOVASCULAR SURGEON): will be coming from Panama city to Boquete april saturday 27th. WE will be seeing circulation problems emphasis on vein/lymphatic system so if you have sweeling on your legs, tired legs, cramps or any other inespecific symptoms and you suspect circulation origin, you can benefit from this evaluation. Also Dr. Fletcher will be doing doopler ultrasound in the legs if you have the indication or need it.
This is a great opportunity because as you know getting an appointment with a cardiovascular surgeon in David takes months. For an appointment call 69495998
DRA. DIGNA DÍAZ (INTERNAL MEDICINE SPECIALIST): will be changing schedule begining this may.Monday, wednesday, thursday afternoons; tuesdays from 8 to 10 am. Clinicca Alfa 69495998
Always listening and paying attention to your needs.
Remember to visit our webpage www.boquetemedical.com for our services and associates.
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