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Fast-Food, speedy delivery

Posted 04/04/2019
Home delivery of restaurant food continues to boom in Panama with businesses such as Appetito 24, Glovo and Uber Eats battling for a growing market and adding hundreds of speeding motorcycles to already overcrowded city streets.

The delivery companies have more than 200 affiliated restaurants serviced by hundreds of motorcycles, many driven by immigrants in search of work.

But brace yourself for more as the delivery companies plan to expand their operations to coffee and breakfasts supermarkets, liquor stores and pharmacies. What next pillion delivery of escort services?

Meanwhile on thoroughfares like Calle 50. The plethora of motorcyclists  battling for pole position  at traffic lights, often  crossing the start line with lights on red  is raising concerns among motorists

The Panamanian Appetito2 4, a 4-year  pioneer in the business  operating  in the city of Panama, Arraiján, La Chorrera, Colón, and David, has 85% market share; while Glovo and "Uber Eats" operating   since 2018 are largely  concentrated in the center of Panama City,



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