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Check out this week's menu. A Sneak Peek..


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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I want to start off by letting everyone know that we are using a new email service.  Apparently there are some bugs with this service but nothing that can't be overcome..  If you should be getting these emails on a regular basis and have not been then please check your spam email folder.  Also if you are using Gmail you might want to check your "Promotions" folder.  This is one of the tabs that appear on the main email page from their website.  If you want to adjust the tabs so that it all appears in your inbox then do the following:


Go to settings on Gmail (Cog in the right hand corner)

go to configure inbox

unclick everything except primary

click save.   That should get you all fixed up....

I Hope that this helps.  If you are getting this menu for the first time through Boquete News and you would like to be on our regular mail;ing list please respond and let me know that you would like to be added..


This week we are very excited and have been very busy preparing a wonderful menu for you to chose from.  We had our eyes set on Pot Pies this week but we ran into a freezer space issue and didn't want to short change Pot Pie week.  So we have decided to push Pot Pies back a week and I assure you we will have them for the 2/2 market..  This week we have a real treat for everyone.  On the request of many we have made over 400 pounds of Boquete Chili as well as Chicken Tikka Masala.  2 of our most popular dishes.  We also added Chicken Parmigiana and some really tasty desserts.  This week we will have Chocolate Éclairs and Turkish Baklava.  For those of you familiar with the Baklava we add a gourmet spin on this classic dessert.  Gooey as well as crispy this dessert defies the laws of nature.


Also Cecelia has a great addition to this week's menu.  Be sure to check out Cecelia's Organic Chapstick.

Looking forward to everything getting back to normal.  See you soon.

Please let me know if you are picking up at our house on Monday (Anytime after 2pm), if you want delivery, or if you will be picking up at the BCP.  
If you are picking up at our home (remember that you get a 10% Discount) just call when you come and honk when you get to get to the gate.  If you need directions let me know so I can send them..  My number is 6866-0072

If you want home delivery this week you must let me know in your preorder.  Send me your phone number, and give me directions to your house.  If I delivered to your place last week there is no need for additional directions..  On Monday afternoon (between 2 and 5) I will be making deliveries.  Thanks to all who took advantage of this.
Delivery costs $3.00 per order (Orders over $35 dollars qualify for free delivery) 
If you have any questions you can email me at cajuneric@gmail.com
Thanks for reading
Eric, Cecelia, Chandler, Keira, and Aidan



Cecelia's Organic Chapstick (lavender) $3.00:  This is a real treat.  Last week Cecelia had a debut of her chapstick unannounced at  the table with great reception and success.   So this week we are actually putting t on the menu.  Are you tired of not knowing the ingredients of your chapstick?  In a search for a healthy organic Chapstick Cecelia was fed up only finding tubes that contained added chemicals and dyes.  So she decided to make some and it is available this week to order.  This is an organic chapstick that contains cosmetic grade organic beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, moringa oil, and lavender oil.  A great product that delivers every time.  Especially now that we are in the windy season!!



(GF) Chicken Tikka Masala $8.00:  In the mood for some Indian food?  I was able to get my hands on some premium heavy cream from Anchor and I just had to make this classic Indian dish that is loaded with exotic flavors!  First we marinate white chicken breast in a yogurt spice sauce.  After a day or so we then grill them in olive oil and toss the chicken pieces in a cream tomato sauce that has wonderful herbs, exotic Indian seasonings, and fresh peppers..  Recommended to serve with Jasmine rice or noodles.  Let me know if you need any Jasmine rice (Cooked $1.00 per bag)  Mild-Medium Spicy.  **Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used to sauté veggies and cook chicken. 

(GF) Boquete Chili $8.00: I have made another batch due to the overwhelming requests.  We really appreciate the feedback by the way!!.  Using ground pork, bacon, ground beef, beer, beans and loads of great Chipotle spices we have created a chili masterpiece.  Medium Spicy and goes great over rice or by itself this chili will bring comfort to those “chili” rainy nights in Boquete.  Feeds 2 adults and has over 2 pounds of chili.  Serve with sour cream and cheddar cheese

Italian Chicken Parmigiana  $9.00:  Ready for a full bodied Italian dish?  This Chicken dish is right on track.  Lightly breaded chicken breasts that are pan fried then baked are served over a bed of Linguini Pasta that has been tossed and coated in our Carbonera sauce of Cream and eggs.  Finally the Chicken is covered in a special Parmigiana tomato sauce and coated with mozzarella cheese.  Back by popular demand.  Moist and tender.  Each dish feeds 2 Adults.  

Angel Mushroom Chicken  $9.00: This delicious pasta dish has such a wonderful and mature taste that your senses will be awakened.  Popping with flavor this dish uses white wine,  top shelf cream cheese, fresh button mushrooms, and our home made Italian Dressing to slow cook chicken thighs till they are falling apart tender.  Served over a bed of Linguini Pasta this is a dinner for 2 adults. (This dish has condensed cream of mushroom soup in it which has a form of msg in it.) 

(V)(LF) Veggie Burgers  $2.00 each:  On a special request we are bringing back the veggie burgers.  We have made a fresh batch and they are sure to please.  I have to admit that this batch is quite possible the best it's ever come out.  We were able to fine tune our recipe and with the tweaks thia Veggie Burgher will knock your socks off.  Fresh roasted red peppers, olives, artichokes, red onions, chickpeas, black beans, and white beans, garlic, jalapenos, red onions and lots of exotic spices are just a few of the ingredients in this awesome patty..  Great texture and very moist...  Serve as a burger or eat by itself with salsa and sour cream (like I love to do).

(GF)Chicken Basque $8.00:   Back by popular demand this Spanish chicken dish has been slow cooked in a tomato base with nice chunks of smoked ham and seasoned with paprika and a dash of chili.  Fresh Herbs are added to bring this dinner together.  Tender thigh meat is used because of it’s incredible flavor and its ability to reheat perfectly and stay moist.  This dish is best over cooked rice and feeds 2 adults.  (Rice not included)

Broccoli and Chicken Divan  $8.00: A crowd pleaser.  This wonderful casserole is full of flavor.  Chicken cubes and broccoli make up this dish as it is layered with cheddar cheese a butter and parmesan cheese bread crumb topping, and a delicious gravy that is made up of white wine, sour cream, and mushroom soup (has condensed soup in it which contains a form of msg).  Feeds 1 - 2


Chicken Cordon Bleu:  $10.00  A delicious dinner for 2 that has withstood the test of time.  We love making this dish because it not only is one of our most popular menu items but it is also supremely delicious.  Breaded and baked our chicken cordon bleu comes out juicy and tender every time.  Stuffed with gourmet Swiss Cheese and Smoked cutlets of ham you will wish you had ordered an extra.  Comes with blanched broccoli, cauliflower  and carrots smothered in a smoked Gouda Mornay sauce.

Creamy Tomato and Basil Soup $7.00:  OK.  I couldn't help myself this week.  We happen to have lots of fresh basil and really tasty tomatoes so we went for it.  Enjoy this creamy soup with rich and complex flavors.  Make a quick grill cheese sandwich (Which pairs perfectly with this soup) or some crusty French bread..  I tossed in a couple croutons with some parmesan cheese and WOW.   Oyster crackers work well also...  Either way.  If you are feeling under the weather or want something to warm your spirit, this comfort food will bring you back home.   

(GF) Shepherd's Pie  $8.00: This meat pie is full of flavor.  Utilizing Rosemary and thyme we create a wonderful beef gravy with freshly ground beef and toss it with carrots, corn, and peas for the complete package.  Topped with creamed potatoes and baked this comfort food is time tested.  Feeds 2 Adults 

Smoked Ham and Potato Casserole  $8.00:  This Comfort food is simple and delicious.  We had some request to make it so here we are..  Now with more of everything!!  Cheese, Smoked Ham, potatoes, carrots and peas.  Blanched, boiled, roasted, and creamed this simple dish uses many different styles of cooking but the end result is always the same.  Delicious  Feeds 2 Adults.
Italian Lasagna w/French Bread Loaf  $9.00:   A great combination of sweet Italian pork sausage and ground beef this lasagna uses nothing but the freshest ingredients.  Ricotta, parsley, our very own house crafted lasagna sauce that is simply loaded with fresh veggies and bursting with flavor.  I have increased the amount of noodles and layers to hold up better when you serve it so that it stands on its own.  Comes with a pre-kneaded dough ball that bakes while the lasagna bakes to deliver a fresh piece of French bread with your meal.  Feeds 2

Beef Stroganoff  $10.00:  A classic comfort food. (Now with more meat!)  This dish is rich and creamy.  Tender beef in a stroganoff cream sauce and loaded with fresh button mushrooms and slivered onions..  This dish has it’s authentic flavor because of how we prepare the beef stock and slow cook the meat.  You will love freshness of this dish.    Feeds 2.   (Egg noodles included.) 
Overstuffed Mexican Chicken Burritos $7.00:  This Burrito is truly a gourmet burrito.  We start with a delicately prepared bed of Mexican Rice and homemade refried beans. We then add sautéed bell peppers and onions that have been slightly seasoned and softened.   Tomato salsa comes next.  Finally we lay to rest our grilled fajita cooked chicken breast that has been covered in our special 3 cheese blend.  We are now officially OVERSTUFFED!!!   But Wait!  There's more.. We add olives, fresh cilantro, jalapenos, and more cheese..  This is 1 BIG Burrito!!.  Feeds 2.


Cobb Salad  $7:    In the mood for a crisp and refreshing salad to start the week?  This salad just takes the cake.  Chicken, tomatoes, bacon, Bleu Cheese, eggs, onions.  A mix of 4 varieties of hydroponically grown lettuce and a house crafted original cob salad dressing…   This is a fresh salad and will be good for a couple days in the refrigerator. 



Cooked Jasmine Rice $1.00:  Each bag has pre-cooked rice ready for you to warm up and serve with your dinner.  Easy and no hassle


Banana Walnut    $5.00:   A great market Classic.  Sells out every time.  Moist and delicious full of perfectly ripe bananas and topped with walnuts. Freezes great.

Zucchini Bread   $5.00:  This soda bread has really made lots of wave’s.  Check it out for yourself...   Lots of flavor and a great snack .  So delicious. Freezes great.

Ready Bake Crescent Rolls  $5.00/ bag of 5:    This product is superb!!  Each order comes with 5 crescent rolls that have been frozen solid.  All you have to do is let them rise and bake them.  These fresh Crescent rolls are big enough for a sandwich!!  Ultra flakey and really tasty.   (Limited Quantity Available)

Cranberry Scones  $1:  Baked just before the market these beautiful scones are perfect for a quick breakfast or snack on the go.  Loaded with fruit you will find these scones to be moist and flakey.
Brownies  $1:  Treat yourself to a chocolate blast.  4 Types of chocolate and with walnuts this dessert is for the serious chocolate lover

Chocolate Éclairs $2.00: This is where it gets fun.  Fresh Pate A Choux pastry filled with a delicious vanilla and almond custard that's made fresh and allowed to chill.  Finally topped with a rich chocolate ganache.  If you are preordering this for delivery please order them in multiples of 2

Baklava  $1.00:  Gooey and crispy and delicious.  Using exotic spices like cardamom, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, rose water, and orange zest this Baklava has such a wonderful and traditional flavor with a gourmet twist
Thanks for reading
 Eric and Cecelia

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