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Arraijan Family Massacre, Suspect Jailed

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Arraijan family massacre suspect jailed

Posted 02/04/2019
A 24- year- old drug addict, who allegedly slaughtered his grandmother, his mother, and his sister aged four in a rampage in Arraiján on Sunday, March 31 was ordered held in preventive detention for six months while investigations continue.

Oscar González arrived heavily guarded at the headquarters of the accusatory criminal system of La Chorrera on  Tuesday, He wore a black sweater which he used to cover his head.

Gonzalez reportedly used a knife and a mallet to kill his mother, Norma Edith Cerrud Arancibia,45, who was tied, while his grandmother, Norma Arancibia, 75, had at least 12 stab wounds and his sister was clubbed and stabbed to death.

The mother, a  school  teacher,  was director of the  Veracruz Educational Center and also part of the campaign team of the former director of IFARHU and candidate for deputy, Yesenia Rodriguez

On the day of the killings, she had been in a campaign activity with the presidential candidate José Blandón.

Police sources reveal that the accused has been in drug rehabilitation centers several times. centers



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45 years for triple drug-fueled family slaying


Posted 15/11/2019

A judge of guarantees in Panama Oeste has sentenced 24-year-old Oscar González Cerrud, , to 45 years in prison,  for the brutal killing of his grandmother, mother and sister in Tecal, Arriajan in March while he was under the influence of drugs.



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