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Need 2-3 Transportation Volunteers for the Jazz and Blues Festival


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This will be the 3rd year that the BJBF Festival organization has provided transportation for the visiting musicians during the Festival.  Two of our volunteers from last year cannot help us this year, so we need 2-3 more people with medium to large 4-door SUV's or equivalent who can transport 2-3 musicians and their instruments to and from the airport and around town.  The transportation tasks should not interfere with your ability to attend and enjoy the events of the Festival. 

This volunteer task is a golden opportunity to meet some of the Festival's headliner musicians in person.  We expect our volunteers to treat them like friends and with respect.  The transportation volunteers are de facto ambassadors for the Festival and for Boquete.  Your level of interaction with individual artists will depend on their personalities and how you relate to them.   

The BJBF Transportation volunteers work in the background to help make the Festival run smoothly.  Each team member will be assigned as the primary driver for certain artists.  W
e do need a good level of commitment, and you will be expected to give the musicians to whom you are assigned your cell phone number. You will be on call in case they need a ride anywhere, but the transportation team leader will arrange backup if you cannot make certain runs. 

Last year, the visiting musicians were put up in different lodgings all over Boquete, but it is my understanding that this year they will all be staying in Valle Escondido, and will not need transportation to the VE amphitheater. 

Also this year, since more of the headliners will be working with "house" bands rather than having their own bands here, there will be important rehearsals that will require transportation of artists and their instruments. 

BJBF 2016 Transportation Volunteers Primary Tasks:   
  • Transport the artists from the David Airport to Boquete - mostly on Wednesday, February 24
  • Take them to and from rehearsals, lunches, dinners and jam sessions. 
  • Voluntarily provide local mini-tours, shopping, errands or other optional drives that the musicians might request.  As a transportation volunteer and ambassador, you can offer these options to your assigned artists if you like. 
  • Transport them back to the David Airport, likely on Monday morning, February 29
David van Harn

BJBF 2016 Transportation Team Leader

e-mail: dvanharn@gmail.com
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