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Significant Range Fires in Chiriqui and Los Santos Areas, Late March 2019

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Joint task force battles tourist area  forest fire

Posted 23/03/2019
Firefighters specialized in combating forest fires backed by  four units  of the National Aeronaval Service (Senan), a helicopter  with a Bambi bucket to douse flames  and of the Civil Protection Services (Sinaproc)  and Border Security staff assisted by local citizens, fought through most of Saturday, March 23 to control a blaze  on the Chorcha plateau in the province of Chiriqui.

The fire began at 6 am in an area difficult to access.

The Chorcha plateau, located in the border area of the districts of Gualaca, David and San Lorenzo, is one of the main tourist attractions of Chiriqui.

Members of the joint task force worked on creating in which there are agents of the Senan and the National Border Service, work on an "artificial firewall" in the area of the plateau, to preventing the fire from spreading. So far it is unknown how many hectares have been affected.



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Fire destroys 500 hectares in tourist area

Posted 24/03/2019
Over 500  hectares of the Chorcha plateau, a site favored by tourists in Chiriqui have been destroyed by a fire that started On March 19.

Firefighters were called in early on Saturday after failed attempts  by local ranchers to stop the flames spreading.

 On Sunday firefighters backed Civil Defense (Sinaproc ) National Aeronaval Service and the National Border Service personnel continued to battle the outbreak in the favored tourist destination in Chiriqui province.

Rafael Rodríguez, the owner of one of the affected farms, said i that the fire started on March 19 due to a lightning strike in a grassland area and producers and ranchers of the region tried unsuccessfully.to smother the flames.

"We await expect the extinction of the fire to determine the damage in its entirety, we do not know if there are dead cattle or if they went to safe areas.," said  Rodríguez said.



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Over 1000 Los Santos hectares burned

Posted 26/03/2019
Over 1000 hectares have been affected by fires in the province of Los Santos, including around 200 hectares in the La Tronosa forest reserve, in Valle de Tonosí, so far this year.

Bolívar Domínguez, director of MiAmbiente en Los Santos said that in the last four summers the burnings had been reduced, but this year "they have increased drastically".  

He said that there are many factors that are influencing the increase of the burning: the intense heat, strong breezes, carelessness of producers and the slopes of the land where fires have occurred.  

The only thing that contained the fire on the La Tronosa reserve were the rivers Guánico and Tonosí.  

According to the authorities, the Quema, Nuario, Quito, Bombacho, Buena Vista and Canajagua mountain ranges are the areas with the highest number of burned farms.



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