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Looking for rare book

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Hello I am looking for a rare book for sale that can be shipped to my location in Texas in the states. I’ve looked for it everywhere on eBay, Amazon, CL and other websites, and no one seems to have it. The book is called “BOQUETE RASGOS DE SU HISTORIA” by Milagros Sánchez Pinzón. If anyone know where I can find a soft or hard copy in real good decent shape and a decent Price $$. I have included an image of cover. 


Gracias...........por su atención 


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Culturama of Chiriqui produced the book as one of their collection.  I wonder if that operation is still functioning.   Have you tried the publisher?

Impreso en los Talleres de Arte Grafico, SA in David?   It used to be available on Amazon but no more.  I know Price Pederson did have her speak at the library so maybe he might know how to get in touch with the author.   I guard my book with my life !!!

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I sell the condensed and English version of this book at the Tuesday market every week for $6. I also have my personal copy of the book you are looking for but it's not for sale. You can communicate with the author (in Spanish) by writing to her at mspinzon@gmail.com. You can ask her how much to purchase the book and mail it to you at your Texas address. I can take the payment on my paypal and deposit it into her Banco Nacional account. I do this with the proceeds of the books I sell.



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