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Hello Speaking at BCP this next Tuesday Jan 26


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BCP Special Presentation:

Tuesday, Jan. 26 – Ms.Jeannie Fitzsimmons, CNVI, LCT, Rev. Healing and Music Minister, is a professional speaker, master trainer—corporate and private retreats, storyteller, best-selling author in to co-authored books with recognizable names, multi-platinum songwriter/ musician/composer, and holistic practitioner over 40 years. New to Boquete for only 3 months from Arizona and South Dakota. She will soon re-launch her radio show/internet TV show LetGoAndLoveRadio…from Boquete.


In July of 1994, unexpectedly, her life was transformed by Spirit, and her focus of the last 30 years has been providing tools, guidance to Truth, and speaking across the country by living for 12 years in a luxury motorhome, ways to lessen one’s suffering, anxiety, and emotional stress due to life circumstances and ever ongoing changes. What this adds up to simply, is Love.

She will speak to us about Natural Vision Improvement (not an eye exercise program but the return to natural vision habits) as well as stress elimination. She will be guiding a short processes both in ‘letting go’ as well as ‘better vision tips, for direct experience for the audience.

She teaches "the gentle art of letting go of stress" on-the-spot with releasing. She teaches online, well as privately, in person and has students in 22 countries. In our challenging world today, never has there been more need for conscious letting go of the inner stress. Inner stress and pressure impacts our lives in both subtle and not so subtle ways.

Although many people have moved here to this tropical paradise from the US or lived here for a longer time, there are stress points, and life situations, family and financial pressures, fears of things unfolding in our home country and the separation from loved ones, let alone the natural adjustment required in a new country, culture, and language. All of these build up subtly in our energy and emotional lives. Learning how to 'consciously let go' is a life and energy saving skill that can be re-learned at any time...as it is a naturally inherent skill that we have, over time, forgotten to use for our benefit of inner peace and stillness throughout our busy days.

No one can deny, it is well known that 'stress is a killer'…all areas of life… physical, mental, emotional, and spiritually shutting away love…there are so many ways of diminishing the quality of our lives.

Jeannie will shortly be offering a variety of classes both in the center of town as well as larger classes in Alto Boquete. . She has had a long and varied career as a holistic practitioner, tv/radio producer and host, and even an early life in Hollywood in film, TV, and media.

Note: Welcome to BCP! Come relaxed and receptive. Please bring a pen with you if you wish to make some notes during this experiential and educational hour.

Thank you and let me know if there is anything else you need...a photo is also available.

Jeannie Fitzsimmons


Announcing SPRING of 2016 in Sweet Surrender Evenings
Online or In Group Natural Vision Training from somewhere in the world!!
Global Producer/Teacher/Host in Media for over 40 years.
Click here:
http://www.JeannieFitzsimmons.com  for overview information

Jeannie Fitzsimmons,
CNVI, LCT, Licensed Releasing Master Facilitator
HeartWisdom(TM) Seminars from Founder of Awakenedheart.com
....dedicated to Awareness Awakening to Itself
Best Selling Author, Speaker, Master Trainer..Releasing from the Heart.

Founder of Awakenedheart.com
(TM) offering emotional freedom and
inner peace.
HeartWisdom(TM) Seminars teaching self-introspection and
releasing from the heart' for over 30 years. Dedicated to..."Awareness awakening to Itself".
Formerly from SEDONA, AZ, Licensed Worldwide in Corporate and Letting go Training.

Private Sessions by Phone or SKYPE  1+310-220-5088 

UPCOMING in SPRING: Worldwide Tele:seminar:
Self Love, Trust and Surrender 30 Day Event...

effortless 'releasing from the heart' and HeartWisdom(TM) training.

Now Available: "The Key To Happiness...Mastering Your Emotions"  Paypal
Produced upon request and includes a 97-page inter-active workbook

a 6 1/2 hour relaxing/ story-telling exercise audio well being training.and letting go into love.

Private Group Workshops & Private Advanced Retreats
Free Audios  Heart-Centered Emotional Clarity...Letting Go into Love.

Twitter me at: Awakenedheart
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