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Quality Golf Clubs -- SOLD

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The Handicap Foundation has the following quality golf clubs for sale. These are available by emailing pjbarrett@aol.com or What'sAp to 6510-8934.

We have dozens of lesser quality clubs including whole sets for sale at the March 2 Venta de Patio at the Handicap Foundation (across from Chopsticks Restaurant). We've priced all miscellaneous clubs at $3 each plus $4 for the bag.

Titleist.jpg.7d1fcd1671e7b74379a69499e9c2b413.jpgRight-handed Titleist 907 D1 driver. Sells used on Ebay from $28 - $60 plus shipping. For sale from the Handicap Foundation for $25.





Cleveland.jpg.793b5e6638820a487b80a3c6a29f2a61.jpgRight-handed Cleveland Classic Driver 9.0.  Sells for $70.62 plus shipping on Ebay. The Handicap Foundation will sell this club for $30





1713600380_Clevelandlauncher.jpg.59f5333b866264a7a709cdbc2e53e031.jpgRight-handed Cleveland Launcher 460 (10.5 degree) Titanium. Comes with a very nice knit and leather club cover. Sells new for $299.99. Sells used on the internet for $35.88 - $59.99. The Handicap Foundation will sell this club for $30.




1938217526_KingCobra.jpg.041520797b452bfa63ecdd330fb2e9ca.jpgRight-handed King Cobra 440 SZ titanium driver. For sale used on Amazon for $79.09 plus shippiing and for $19.95 - $101.72 (plus shipping) on Ebay. The Handicap Foundation will sell this club for $25.





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