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New Things Are Happening At Finca Feliz


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The Red Hibiscus, known in Panama as Saril, is in abundance now.

Did you know Saril is the National Drink of Panama and is a traditional drink during the Xmas season? What health benefits does it provide? MUCHO. Besides lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and acting as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, the long list can be found here.



Red Hibiscus with fresh Lemon Grass root is my favorite drink to enjoy hot or cold this time of year. At my table at the Tuesday Market, both will be available for you, fresh to take home. Come by and sample the unique taste of these two healing plants. The Red Hibiscus is also available “dried” for longer term storage.


A new harvest of dehydrated Moringa leaves are now available.


The Mushroom and Herbal Tinctures of:

Ashwagandha (for stress and inflamation)

Reishi (for heart and circulation),

Tumeric/Cucumin (lowers cholestrol, inflammation, and is an anti-tumor),

Turkey Tail/Chaga Combo (immune booster and antioxident) and

Moringa (the super-food)

will all be available at a reduced price as well as the Nano Colloidal Silver (a natural antibiotic).


It’s time to start this New Year with health and healing as your top priority. Without that, what do you have?


As the weeks progress, I’ll have selected organic veggies available.

This week only, I have Red Russian Kale plants ready to put in the ground.

If you’d like to be on my email list to receive notices let me know.


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