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CHOX looking for special tasters


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Are you a diabetic or are you otherwise avoiding sucrose (sugar) and carbs?  As a consequence of several requests for sugar free chocolate, CHOX Artisan Chocolate has been working on a sugar free formulation.  Because we are very picky about our products, we are endeavoring to produce a sugar free chocolate without the funky aftertaste or laxative effect of many sugar free chocolate products commercially available.  We have arrived at a formulation that is good enough to put out there for sampling and are looking for a few tasters to give us their honest opinion in exchange for a free sample.
The chocolate we hope to eventually offer has a 72% cacao content and is primarily sweetened with Erythritol and monk fruit extract.  Erythritol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol (which is neither sugar nor an alcohol) found in some fruits and vegetables.  It is calorie and net carb free, diabetic friendly, non-GMO, easy to digest and doesn't contribute to tooth decay. 
If you are interested in sampling our sugar free chocolate, stop by our table at the Tuesday market, or ask for it at the shop, located downtown next to Senor Gyros.  All we ask is that you give us some honest input.  While no sugar free chocolate will ever taste just the same as that made with sugar, we think that you will be pleased with this substitute.


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