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Landmark Figali Convention Center Under Wreckers Hammer

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Figali landmark under wreckers hammer

Posted 13/02/2019
The demolishing of five buildings that formed the Figali Convention Cente on the Amador road once the preferred location for visiting performing artists has started

The Construction and Remodeling Eurox company has six months to complete the work take down the structures the first phase on providing a  better view of the new amphitheater that is being built in Amador, at a cost of $187 million.

The tender for the demolition was halted for more than six months, after being declared void by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, after the entity reported that it did not have the budget line.

Eurox filed a claim to reactivate the process. that was accepted by the General Directorate of Public Procurement

The current administration's plan is to demolish all properties that belonged to Group F, including the convention center. The assets were expropriated from the company, which signed an agreement in 2011 with the Ministry of Economy and Finance to settle a debt that exceeded $29 million.

Once the demolition of the complex is finished, the objective is to award the lots to build a convention center, hotels and other premises that complement the operation of the new amphitheater.

Amador is one of the areas with the greatest tourist potential in the capital city.

It is expected that the new amphitheater, with a  capacity of 25 thousand people, will be operating in the second quarter of the year.



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