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Candidates sought for U.S. Citizen Volunteer Liaison (formerly Warden)


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As many of you already know, I have sold my house and will be leaving Panama on June 30 or possibly earlier. This means, of course, that I will also be leaving the responsibility of being one of two Citizen Volunteer Liaisons (formerly called Wardens) with the U.S. Embassy in Panama. The head of U.S. Citizen Services has sought my assistance in locating a replacement. I urge anyone interested in assuming this role to contact me at ridgelandres@yahoo.com with a brief biographical summary and perhaps an expression of why you wish to serve and what you would bring to the position.

The CVLs’ responsibilities have lessened since I came on in the Spring of 2016. Originally, Hank (Hank Landis, the other Boquete CVL) and I were encouraged to become actively involved in many personal situations. Now, however, the new directions are that we respond to general questions to which we know the answer; disseminate messages from the Embassy; promote locally what the Embassy has to offer U.S. expats; and be available to help in case of national emergency or natural disaster. We are asked to refer personal issues directly to the Embassy without serving as go-between. The latter has lessened the workload considerably, so serving in the position is not a major imposition on one’s time. You can make of the job what you will, but the actual requirements are minimum.

I hope to hear from some friends and neighbors that they are interested in filling this important role. I encourage you to give it some thought.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions either here or by private email (address above).

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