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Boquete ning?

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I occasionally visit boquete.ning but hadn't done so in quite a while. I went there this morning and discovered the site has a new "look." And everything on it lags; it's very slow to open anything. CL here opens rapidly, and speedtest.net indicates I have about 70Mbps. So the issue is that of boquete.ning. Many times an attempt to "improve" something makes it far worse.

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1 hour ago, Brundageba said:

I used to look at the classifieds but it is now a total pain in the tail to use.  I just don't open Boquete.Ning anymore.   

I noticed that yesterday. I was trying to get to a posted classified and no matter what I did it took me to the top of a scrolling list and I never did find the ad despite spending 10 minutes or so screwing around with it.

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7 hours ago, Bonnie said:

There's a link for contacting the owner at the top of the page, and I have contacted him twice. He is aware of the problem and says his computer team is working to fix it.

After Bonnie’s post I pushed the ‘Contact Us’ button and sent the link to this topic.

I received a similar response from Rod, almost immediately, and he does feel that their problem is close to being resolved. It’s apparently an issue with .ning.com.


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