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Panamanian National Team to Compete With US In the First Important Baseball Match of 2019

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Gary Stempel cuts Panamanian national team for friendly match with US

Mon, 01/14/2019 - 21:01


The interim coach of Panama's national soccer team, Gary Stempel, cut today the group of 29 to 24 players, to resume training tomorrow with regard to friendly Panama's match, on January 27, against the United States in Glendale, Arizona.

In this cut, the players out of the list are the goalkeeper Jaime De Gracia (for injury), defender Chin Hormechea, midfielders Leslie Heraldez and Justin Simons, and forward Enrico Small.

The Panamanian team paused the training today because the players who did not have the visa to enter the US territory proceeded to carry out the procedure at the US consulate.

The Panamanian cast will travel to the United States on January 24 with a group of 18 players, who will face the first commitment of the year for the Central American country´s selection.

According to the work schedule, this week the training will take place on Tuesday and Thursday at the Costa del Este Sport Center and on Wednesday the Central American Red team will hold a training match against Costa del Este FC, sub-champion of Panamanian soccer, at the Hacienda Country Club in Cerro Azul, on the city's outskirts.

List of players summoned to the friendly match:

Goalkeepers: Marcos Allen (CD Plaza Amador) Eddie Roberts (CAI La Chorrera).

Defenses: Francisco Palacios (San Francisco FC), Ivan Anderson (Tauro FC), Jiovany Ramos (San Francisco FC), Jan Carlos Vargas (Tauro FC), Jose Garibaldi (Dep. Arabe Unido), Guillermo Benitez (CD Plaza Amador) and Kevin Galvan (Sporting SM) Edgar Gondola (Costa del Este FC), and Carlos Rodriguez (Costa del Este FC).

Midfielders: Edson Sams (Costa del Este FC), Marlon Avila (CD Plaza Amador), Luis Cañate (Dep. Árabe Unido), Carlos Harvey (Tauro FC), Ernesto Walker (CD Plaza Amador), Alexander Gonzalez (CD Plaza Amador), Angel Orelien (Sporting SM), Omar Browne (CAI La Chorrera) Adalberto Carrasquilla (Tauro FC), and Rolando Botello (Tauro FC).

Forwards: Ernesto Sinclair (Costa del Este FC) Sergio Moreno (University CD), and Jorge Grant (Dep. Arabe Unido).



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The good, the bad, the ugly and the hopeful of the friendly match between Panama and USA

Tue, 01/29/2019 - 16:22


By Rogelio Adonican Osorio

Panama fell 3-0 against the United States in what can be called its first test of 2019 in the face of more serious commitments, such as the Gold Cup to be held in the middle of the present year.

The defeat against the team of the stars and the stripes is irrelevant if we see it from the point of view of an experiment, filling gaps left by key players in the Panamanian team, but if we see it in time, it is losing hours of planned work with an appointed technician.

We can noted as the good of this first friendly match is that at least 70 percent of the group of players had a first contact with the largest team in the Central American country.

This experiment of the coach Gary Stempel: bring players of the Panamanian Football League (LPF), in the future, will serve the new coach of the Panamanian red team when he makes his first call.

But like everything in life, not all is good. The bad thing is that the Panamanian midfield don’t have a ball handler, someone who drives, calms and serves the strikers.

En el LPF, al parecer no hay tal jugador. El equipo de Stempel a veces se rompió, las líneas se saltaron, a menudo con bolas lanzadas para alcanzar el área rival.

At times in the game the young player Ángel Orelien, who entered in the second half, wanted to put that order, to hit the ball in the floor, but as everyone knows, "a swallow does not make summer".

The bad news is that if we put color to this moment of the Panamanian team it can be said that it is in a grey crisis.

In this interim time of Stempel with the soccer team, of six matches, Panama has lost five and tied one. Three losses and one draw as a visitor and two as home team.

The ugly can be defined in a single line: lack of fields with official measures in the Central American country. To play in a court of 120 meters long and 90 wide (maximum official measures), was an expensive bill we pay.

The Panamanian team in an official field, like the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, was without ideas, but it may be that in an official court, after training in a 90 x 45 meters (minimum measures Fifa), it costs a lot . Moreover, the changes of balls of Panamanians against the Americans, many fell short.

That is to say, in Panama, the lack of courts with official measures is a bad that affects the local players when facing a match outside the country.

More than just fields, what we need is a complex, like "the goal project" in Costa Rica, so that the Panamanian national teams can concentrate and prepare, and not be nomads, searching for courts all over the country, when the overused Rommel Fernandez stadium is occupied.

The hopeful thing about this process is that within the group of 18, four were players sub-20, who must be in the World Cup in Poland, and played several minutes.

The attacker Ángel Orelien, the midfielders Carlos Harvey, Ernesto Walker and the defender Guillermo Benítez gave views that the new Panamanian blood boils to be shown in big stages.

In addition to the youth, the veterans and World Cup players Fidel Escobar and Abdiel Arroyo showed maturity and are fixed in the next process towards the World Cup of Qatar 2022.



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